First small glimpse of Modern Warfare 2 shown

Darkzero: Robert Bowling has just posted on his twitter that he his testing out Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. The tweet includes a small, but very blurry pic of the game being tested by the IW team. Behold!

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JustinSaneV23584d ago

OMG it's so beautiful!
/end sarcasm

Seriously though, this is the one game that I waiting all year to get!

lociefer3584d ago

if u look reeaaaaaaaaalllllll close u can see the main menu on the last screen

black2burn3584d ago

that would be a picture of dane cook playing modern warfare 2 (refer to pending story)

II Necroplasm II3584d ago

and that picture of him is just as funny as his stand up.

SRU96003584d ago

This is my most anticipated game ever.

Call of Duty 4's multiplayer continues to blow me away. It is as close to perfect as a FPS has ever come.

I can only imagine how awesome Modern Warfare 2 is going to be...

Marcelles253584d ago

personally COD4 multiplayer is cool but it isnt perfect
AND i think halo3 was most anticipated

SRU96003584d ago

I said it was MY most anticipated game.

I also didn't say it was perfect. I said it was as close to perfect as a FPS has ever came (in my opinion). : /

kornbeaner3584d ago

Actually thats the 360 launcher menu from a 360 dev/test kit.

3583d ago
GameGambits3583d ago

So much fail here just to produce hits on your site. This is worse than BS rumor headlines or rating big AAA games low scores.

I wish everytime someone did something like this they got shot in their junk.

SL1M DADDY3583d ago

Good gravy. Here I thought we were getting an actual shot of the game and instead, it's just a weak shot of some beta testers... Shame on you.

NickIni3583d ago

What are you on about Proper? Where's the relevance at all?

Looking forward to this game :)

herbaldoctor73583d ago

thats a pic of overgrown modern warfare 1

majorsuave3583d ago

"if u look reeaaaaaaaaalllllll close u can see the main menu on the last screen"

Actually, it looks like a XBOX360 devkit dashboard.

JustinSaneV23583d ago

@ herbaldoctor7:

Way to RTFA.

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ape0073584d ago

cod 4 is one of the best games in this gen,so masterful,well crafted,awesome soundtrack,veraiy,awe inspiring pacing

I really can't wait for MW2

jwatt3584d ago

yea I love COD MW it's one of my favorite games this gen and it had alot of WOW moments. I wonder what they'll do different in MW 2 and if Killzone will have any influence on thier game.

agentace3583d ago

yeah im looking forward to it aswell, BUT it will be complete crap 2 months after its out when all the NOOBs get it and wreck it just like COD4

vickers5003583d ago

Just take Killzone 2's design/graphics + Call of Duty 4's buttery smooth 60fps controls and you have the best fps ever created.

ASSASSYN 36o3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

Looks great but I may avoid all fps games minus operation flashpoint for a long time. I plan on getting lost in OP flashpoint. (It is actually possible to get lost...literally.)

Video to drool over

ChozenWoan3584d ago

Interesting game. I'm gonna have to investigate this one further.


Why dis3584d ago

I'v seen that game on youtube from a link from this site.

Best looking game ever on consoles.

Bob Dole3583d ago

Is this multiplat??? It looks like a PC game.

NickIni3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

Yup. It's PC/360/PS3.

PC is the lead, so all the footage we've seen is from the PC version. ;)

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randomwiz3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

My only fear... it is Cod: 4 with better graphics and some different weapons and different maps...

M337ING3584d ago

It might happen, given the first game out only a year ago...

Kushan3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

To be fair, COD:WaW was just COD:4 with crappier weapons and (arguably) crappier maps, yet it was still pretty fun.

EDIT: M337ING - What you said makes no sense. "given the first game out only a year ago..."?

Call of Duty 4 came out in 2007. COD:MW2 wont be out until the end of this year, that's 2 full years to make what will undoubtedly be another short (yet still very sweet) SP campaign with a pretty deep MP. It's easily doable, particularly when you consider that they did the COD:4 in the same time frame and that includes building the engine.

Arnon3584d ago

I was aware CoD 4 came out in 2007 >_> not 2008.

1ikedamaster3584d ago

My only fear... it is Cod: 4 with better graphics and some different weapons and different maps...

-I honestly would buy it if it did exactly that. COD4 was an impressive shooter, more of the same with a different aproach in story for COD:MW2 would be just right in my book.

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thereapersson3584d ago

360 lead SKU confirmed!

I wonder if the PS3 version will run at sub-720?

Dunta223584d ago

didnt the ps3 have a slight edge in cod4? Considering it is cod, both versions will most likely look identical or even a tad bit better on the ps3

Martini3584d ago

No it didn't - they were both running at 600p 60fps. the 360 had a little sharper textures and a bit more detail but nothing major that you would notice during gameplay.

DJ3584d ago

Both versions looked/performed identically, as far as I could tell. But hopefully Infinity Ward gets intimidated enough by Killzone 2 to at least use some of the PS3's power. I understand the politics behind making multiplatform titles identical, but it'll definitely be tempting for devs to break that trend.

lescailloux3584d ago

lmao, "lead SKU"

that made my day ^^

thereapersson3584d ago

It was a joke aimed at the current touchy nature of gamers in today's console war. I guess people don't see much satire these days...

doomx563584d ago

threapersson is so freaking right.

JustinSaneV23584d ago

"/sarcasm" tags might help next time.

1ikedamaster3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

haha @ all the disagrees
It was a joke aimed at the current touchy nature of gamers in today's console war. I guess people don't see much satire these days...

-You confirmed my suspicions. nice

thereapersson3584d ago

hehe, I'm glad you saw through my comments... :)

RonRico3584d ago

You know COD4 was developed by different teams at IW for the Xbox and the PS3. Now get me another beer!

Bob Dole3583d ago

Remember in the past generations when one system pretty much always looked better? SNES > Sega, XBOX and GC > PS2, etc. Hopefully they'll start doing all they can to make their games look as good as humanly possible on BOTH systems instead of trying to make them look identical.

king dong3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

it's very intersting. in past gens, devs have not cared about making superior versions for different consoles. now to quote many a know nothing fan-boy on n4g they are "playing it safe".

but, perhaps you've just unwittingly answered the question of this gen....that the only superiority that exists this gen, is in the head of the fanboys! and both consoles are on par with each other!

until microsoft has the first party studios like sony, which spend multiple millions, and take four years plus on a game. then we mite never know.

the bottom line is, NO third party devs have stated anything which validates the dreams and know-nothing claims of the fanboys. and until they do, their stupid proclamations are nothing but hot-air and sony press release parroting!

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