MadWorld: Murder Melody

Wii's just hit puberty! House of the Dead: Overkill splatters onto screens this week, and later next month Sega's following that up with a brass-knuckled punch from the post-apocalyptic bloodbath, MadWorld. GamesRadar got to play through the first three levels of their most anticipated Wii game of 2009 and they just had to show you the outright nastiness that's in store.

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Product3584d ago

holy crap everyone needs to watch this honestly best trailer so far.

I loved a bunch of fatalities including:
Jack up thrusts his chainsaw into the guys jaw and head and just lets it rip
Cutting the guy in half with those 2 swords
Using the wind bosses turbines to cut people in many kills in this trailer.

I also like how it shows the waggle things in the game in this trailer.

This just looks sick.