New Fallout 3: The Pitt Screenshots Released

GamePlasma writes:

"Bethesda has released three new screenshots for their upcoming DLC for Fallout 3, The Pitt. The new downloadable content will be available in March for the Xbox 360 and PCs for 800 points/$9.99."

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outlawlife3558d ago

being from pittsburgh this looks very intriguing

it is a city that hasn't really been tackled in games and i'm not sure why, the landscape and structure of the city is so unique it would make for an interesting experience

IaMs123558d ago

Wow that looks really cool.

dxmnecro3558d ago

Yeah it does. I really like the screenshot that has the sign hanging and burg crossed out

2FootYard3558d ago

Looks neat and this serves as a reminder that I still need to get the Anchorage expansion.

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The story is too old to be commented.