Street Fighter IV wrestles its way to a store near you (And in other news, I love LocoRoco 2)

Globe and Mail game columnist writes: "Okay, I owe everyone reading a big apology. I'm a sneak. I lured you into visiting this page with a headline mentioning Street Fighter IV, but this post isn't really going to be about the fervently anticipated sequel to Capcom's classic series of fighters.

Comments posted over the last couple of weeks have led me to realize that many readers are expecting me to provide my thoughts on the newest entry in this beloved franchise. Thing is, I'm probably the last person who ought to review Street Fighter IV. Even though I count myself a modest fan of fighting games, I've never enjoyed any entries in the Street Fighter catalogue. And, based on the hour or so I've spent with Street Fighter IV, my negative attitude earnestly extends to the series' latest incarnation.

I do, however, understand and respect the significance of Street Fighter in the gaming world. So, rather than infuriate its zealous fans by delineating why I don't dig the franchise myself (I have a laundry list of personal preference issues with its artistic style, characters, and controls), I'd rather discuss a recent release that I actually enjoy playing and would like to encourage others to try.

That game is LocoRoco 2..."

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