WTP Review: Street Fighter IV

WhatTheyPlay writes: "One of the most storied videogame series of all time makes its triumphant return with the release of Street Fighter IV. The series revolutionized and popularized the one-on-one fighting game genre in the early 90's, and remains one of the most beloved videogame series worldwide. The fourth major installment has been eagerly awaited by game players for years.

Street Fighter IV is a one-on-one fighting game. Players "KO" the opponent in a set number of matches by reducing their energy to zero. This is accomplished by skillfully using basic and special techniques of a character to attack the opponent. It may seem like brainless button-mashing to the untrained eye, but beneath the flashy punches, kicks, and super moves of a good fighting game lies the opportunity for players to build complex, strategic techniques and dexterity skills. "

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