Myth Series: Then and Now - Play Myth II on Your OS X Mac

Bungie's Myth and Myth II were the best Mac games of all time, introducing players to a new style of action with innovative, 3D graphics. Back in 1997, you controlled just a squad of troops for the first time, issuing them commands and formations without worry for resources. There was no gold, trees, or food to gather; Myth outfitted you with a full group of medieval and fantasy units to instantly lead to battle.

While showy and new, the 3D perspective affected the game outcome. Dwarfs tossed Molotov cocktails further downhill, while warriors had a harder time fighting similar units that stood on higher ground. Gorgeous weather effects and terrain ushered in the age of 3D-accelerated games; I bought a 3dfx Voodoo card primarily for the nights playing on my college network.

Those multiplayer modes made the series legendary, fostering a massive community. Then-young game types are still popular: King of the Hill, Territories, Assassin (read: V.I.P.), and more. With free toolsets let that community created numerous maps and conversions, remixing Myth in creative ways. And thanks to those creative, obsessive gamers, you can still play Myth today in OS X.

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