Top-secret Microsoft prototype stolen in Barcelona

Here's the risk you take holding the cellphone industry's annual gathering in Barcelona, a city famous for its world class pickpockets.

Only hours after Microsoft announced the launch of Windows Mobile 6.5 - the software giant's answer to Apple's iPhone and Google's Android - a prototype phone loaded with a top-secret copy of the new software was lifted from an executive's pocket, the London Telegraph reported Thursday.

Microsoft was "in a panic," according to this report, fearing industrial espionage.

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Elven63582d ago

Milo Burik? +10 to anyone who gets that reference!

On a more serious notes, its a shame when this stuff happens, no matter what company it happens to, even worse when innocent people are forced to lose their jobs over such matters.

DNAgent3581d ago

When it happens to Microsoft it makes me lol. I can understand that it sucks that it happened to an innocent person who works for Microsoft though (kind of like girls who've made bad decisions and became hookers) but when this stuff happens to Microsoft I just can't help but laugh and smile.

Cajun Chicken3582d ago

What comes around goes around...IBM, Cell, Xenon...anyone?

Elven63582d ago

That CELL issue was more so IBM then Microsoft.

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