Helghast in HD – Killzone 2 Ads Hit TV

Posted by Scott Steinberg // VP of Product Marketing

Thank you all for your support and confidence in Killzone 2. Its debut starts a relentless flood of AAA exclusives on the PlayStation 3 – a line up that I consider to be our strongest yet. And I am confident this game will inspire many of you who've been waiting for the right time to buy a PS3. It is a true testament to what "Only on PlayStation" means.

We're excited the promise of Killzone 2 has been realized and has exceeded expectations due to the tireless efforts and dedication of Guerrilla Games. I can't thank the development team enough for remaining true to the vision and producing one of the most impressive games in recent memory – on any platform. The pre-order numbers only reinforce your great enthusiasm for the game and we're pleased the game reviews show the same.

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UNCyrus3505d ago

I like how the teaser starts at the sniper's eye, and ends at the enemy's eye... great headshot..

3505d ago
Liquid Dust3505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )


this is pretty cool too--> "At the risk of stating the obvious – the Killzone 2 engine is phenomenally powerful. To offer you some insight into the technology behind this game, we will release a playable version of this in-engine ad vignette on the PlayStation Network coming in March. You’ll be able to control the camera and hear director commentary on how the production was completed using only the game’s technology. The project codename is “Killzone in 4-D” – hope you can check it out. "

Rikyfree3505d ago

Ummm, Feline. It's all in game.

arika3505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

i believe its going to work. for a mere 35 seconds it was able to show off the unparalleled graphics engine in the game like water effect, destructible environment, particle effect, details on every soldier on the battlefield and the overall feel of war in your face and i love the quote on the end "WAR.PERFECTED!" perfection indeed!

no-spin3505d ago

Korn "Freak on a leash" music video

3505d ago
Grooski3505d ago

Feline, Gears 2 commercials were nothing but CGI and look how well that sold.

Lifendz3505d ago

now just get a PSN ad out that states the service is 100% free and you'll be in business. Again, like the ad and hope to see it during Family Guy, South Park, Seinfeld, and various MTV shows and on ESPN. Basically any channel that has a show with a demographic similar to the gaming demographic.

darthv723505d ago

is that some sort of dig to "combat evolved"?

Blaze9293504d ago

...what in the world was THAT!?

IzKyD13313504d ago

It would have been smarter if they had a note that says "The following consists of in-game footage" or something, or else everyone will just assume their showing CGI footage

CrimsonFox133504d ago

Yeah. If they had either someone saying "The following is all in-game graphics" or had the text pop up during the commercial, it would sell more. I mean, everyone wants to play a game with near-CGI quality graphics, right?

xwabbit3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

Its was good but Ima be honest.... it didn't really hype me :/. I love this game 4 sure and its freaking amazing cus i played the demo but if I didn't know anything about that game and i see that commercial i dk... i wouldn't feel that hyped about getting it. It was good but I'm sure it could of been better if M$ had a hold of it.

bpac1234567893504d ago

This ad fails. It's too impressive anyone who hasn't heard of Killzone 2 will think it's nothing but CGI, and the trailer will get nothing more than a "that's cool" from most people.
They need to show realtime gameplay because slowed down it looks like a cutscene. Or they need to put at the beggining "actual gameplay," better yet they should have this at the bottom of the screen the entire time.
- I hope sony has another trailer.

p.s: yes, all of us on n4g know it's real time and is actually what the game looks like, but nobody else knows that and that's going to hurt sony.

alster233504d ago

war, war has changed

war, war never changes

war, war has perfected

MNicholas3504d ago

that these are in-game graphics and not CGI.

Lich1203504d ago

I think the thing is they couldn't claim it was in game (even though the graphics are very similar to that) because they added rendering effects and the scene was staged. That is, you won't see anything like that in game. Just like gears commercials were similar to in game but were clearly staged.

Cicinho3504d ago

Yeah because the first gears commercial really didn't help that or the mad world song. All them people where just going to buy it anyway...

This was the first good ps3 ad I have seen. Much improved on those pathetic LBP excuses...

N4360G3504d ago

Awesome ad,Killzone 2 is going to be sweet,only 7 days left!!

ProperFunked3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

god plz no!!!, no more hardcore music backing war video games, its done and dead. no more "let the bodies hit the floor"(i know thats not korn's song) crap, cant stand that shiz anymore my god!!!!, where the creativtiy, ballet of death was one of the best ive seen, other then that i only hear the same sh*tty song being used over and over for every damn video game video(well not all but you get what im saying), its sad.

majorsuave3504d ago

Looks damn good. I wish it will be ported to PC.

Yep, no matter how hard I want, I just can't bring myself to play a shooter without a mouse and a keyboard.

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Parapraxis3505d ago

Very nice teaser ad, can't wait to see more.

edhe3504d ago

This is far better tha the other one i've seen which was helghast people ou and about.. maybe for a drink, not sure.

However they need to angle it more to the casual to get some market buy-in like what feline said - notes about it being in game, opint out the multiplayer, and show more than grey & brown for god's sake.

ECKOo93504d ago

This is coming from a huge Metal Gear Solid fan with a love for long drawn out story telling cut scenes. This had none of that and it still caught my attention, impressive and strangely elegant. The casual market doesn't know what the hell CGI or pre-rendered even means in gaming terms, while these are in game, people are stupid and they will buy it not even knowing that this is what the game actually looks like.

christian hour3504d ago

Haha boom headshot is right.

I'm just curious! But is the bullet in the ad not cg? Because in the demo of seen things rounder and larger than that bullet was and even they up cloce, you could see the blockiness, but that bullet up that close was just as beautiful as a much bigger helghast up near your face. It had to have been cg, no way they fit that much detail into that tiny bullet. It just doesnt ad up.

Now i'm not naysaying killzone 2's graphics. THey're amazing, best i've ever seen this console generation, and no doubt a showcase of the ps3's power, but that bullet just seems too good... Ya know? Even walls close up in the game don't look as good as that bullet.

What i'm really trying to say is, This game looks amazing, every inch of it is as detailed as a stanley kubrik film. But this ad doesn't show that off I do not think, and there was no need to a (possibly) CG bullet. If i'm wrong and thats how detailed the bullets are in game, i'll retract my statement. but i felt the need to say it... cos i had a few pints down the local... and then a few joints... and thats what i'm blaming this on. haha.

foo3505d ago

hope this isnt the only one they're putting out

Parapraxis3505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

They have an "ad campaign" for KZ2, that means there will be lots of different ads in different media most cases, lol never count out Sony though when it comes to shoddy advertising as of late. I kid , I kid.
I am pretty sure there'll be several TV spots alone.

Marcelles253504d ago

sony sucks at advertising thats a really good commercial but if they should of put at the beggining "what can you get when you cross a next-gen console with a next-gen game" then be like "This and roll the commercial that would of been awesome

Erotic Sheep3504d ago

"what can you get when you cross a next-gen console with a next-gen game"

Wow.. dont ever go in marketing. Really that sounds just horrible :|

christian hour3504d ago

It might have worked in the early to mid nineties!

"what can you get when you cross a next-gen console with a next-gen game"


Marcelles253504d ago

yeah it is pretty cheesy
what about just "these are real time graphics"
then role the clip Yeah?

christian hour3504d ago

how about "Prepare to have your mind raped by glorious HD visuals... at last! ... ... In the ear!" haha. Thats why i don't work in advertising :P

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Zeus Lee3505d ago

1)It doesn't show the gameplay.

2)It doesn't notify the consumer whether the game is out or is coming out.

3)It puts the player identity in the wrong hands,i.e where is Sev?Rico?

4)It's too short.

Anyways,I expected Sony to drop the ball with the official Ad,and here we are...

Fishy Fingers3505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

Everyone is so damn negative ;)

Parapraxis3505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

Why not just edit your first post (which is rubbish BTW) and say this?
As for your numerical breakdown, let me clarify for you.

1)It does show the gameplay, from the perspective of a bullet.

2)That will most likely be added at the end of the commercial.

3)That is Sev.

4)It's a teaser.

Dropped the ball eh? From the sounds of it you wouldn't be happy with any ad, no matter how "epic" it was.

thor3505d ago

Reasons the ad is great:

1) It looks awesome

2) It hints at the gameplay, whilst getting you intrigued as to what the game is about

3) It gets Killzone out there to the masses - they might not have heard about it at all. Just think - YOU have seen and played more KZ2 than 99% of people out there - think what they are going to feel when they try out the demo because they saw the name on TV.

I also think that it will probably be modified in different forms, and there will be other adverts to say when the release date is. Seriously, the #1 most important thing is getting it out there. After that, it's just making it look pretty. And it is pretty.

Chris3993505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

Just Master Chief (sorry, but as a half-Native American, I find the name odd - I know it comes from "master" and "chief" military slang, but it just sounds ridiculous) standing all stoic and silent. At least this commercial was rendered with the tech that you will see in game.

Cool ad. I liked it very much.

Karum3505d ago

I agree, the only 2 things that need added are the release date and a message, somewhere stating that it is hpw the game actually looks and not "graphics representative of gameplay" like other games do.

3505d ago
Millah3505d ago

Um great game ads rarely actually show gameplay buddy. Halo 3 and Gears of War 1 are 2 prime examples.

Rikyfree3505d ago

@ Para- That's not Sev, it's Narville. Check the hair.

Parapraxis3505d ago

My bad Rikyfree...I guess I'm 3/4 lol.
To the millions of people out there though who are not already following KZ2 to the extent more "hardcore" fans are, whether or not it's the lead character will be of little to no concern.

This ad is intended to pique interest, and in my opinion it does that very well.

Gambit073504d ago

I think you guys forgot a lil CGI trailer for FF7.

ECKOo93504d ago

while all the things you are pointing out are good to gamers. The casual gamer consumer person doesn't give a flying f about any of those things and all they car about is cool. And that trailer is pretty f'n cool!

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