Zero Punctuation: Ben Croshaw vs. Yahtzee

Yahtzee is the name of the game for many aspiring industry gurus. Ben Croshaw, more often known as Yahtzee of The Escapist's Zero Punctuation video column, has quickly become the gold standard of game boy success, but don't be fooled by his handle. The rise of Yahtzee wasn't purely a dice toss.

How much of Yahtzee is Croshaw, and how much is shrewd caricature? In a post-Colbert world, it's sometimes hard to tell where personalities end and pundits begin. After all, as valuable as is the knowledge of Croshaw, it's pennies to the dollar on Yahtzee's acidic tongue. That sweet boy in the picture would never sell without a shtick.

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iseven3561d ago

even though i hate the guy, yahtzee is pure genius

StillGray3561d ago

Yeah I'm inclined to agree with you there. He comes off as quite a curmudgeon.

StillGray3561d ago

I used to like his reviews. Respected them, even. I still really enjoy them for the humor, but that's the only reason I watch them anymore as they seem to be less and less relevant these days.

It's terrific that he's successful, though.

skelter3561d ago

Cool take on the guy. I didn't know much about him as a person before. Very much the tortured genius type.

Altered_Soul3561d ago

Those aren't suspenders...

REALgamer3561d ago

I've met him in real life as he visited a game project I'm working on and got to say he's actually a great guy.

Despite his constant criticism of games in his reviews he really does support the industry and game development, especially from newcomers to the industry.

Heh tonight at a certain event (can't say what, sorry) he should be there so I'll point him over to this article and see what he reckons. =)

StillGray3561d ago

Well that's pretty cool. Is he as stand-offish as he is in his videos? I reckon it's something of an act on his part, like it is with Stephen Colbert. But yeah, it'd be great to hear his take on it. :)

REALgamer3561d ago

He's not an extrovert in any way, but he's up for discussion on games and had strong viewpoints. But he's nowhere near as negative or pessimistic as in his reviews. He said that negative reviews are what gets hits and notice for his videos, so he's decided to focus on the negative aspects of games. It's not that he hates all the games he reviews, it's more he's taken the style of simply exposing the flaws of every game no matter how good.

He's a pretty cool guy though, very supportive of the industry and new ideas.

StillGray3561d ago

That's good to know. I'd love to read his take on the article.