TVG: Race Pro Review

TVG writes: "On the current crop of consoles, you've got two driving game sub-genres to choose between: the instant thrills of an arcade street racer like Need For Speed and Midnight Club, or the anorak like car collecting of 'driving sims' such as Gran Turismo and Forza. So far, there isn't really a game that has offered the dedicated experience of a refined racing sim. Ever since Codemasters took its TOCA: Race Driver series in a more arcadey direction with GRID, we've been left without the thrills and spills of a specialised racing sim on the next-gen consoles, which is something that SimBin clearly wants to change with Race Pro on Xbox 360."


* Well balanced throttle/brake controls.
* Realistic driver aids.
* One of few racing sims on consoles.


* Understeer heavy handling.
* A few more tracks would have helped.
* Underwhelming visuals.

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iAmPS33504d ago

Who are these people trying to fool, this game is a fail.

djtek1843504d ago

quoting theFART: "And yet another genre the 360 is king." hey the Fart[email protected] where are u?

creeping judas3504d ago

biased media.
biased review.
sony must have deep pockets.
sony paid them off.
blah blah blah.

Still bought the game, and I am looking forward to playing it tonight!!!

creeping judas3504d ago

I was trying to be a fanboy, I guess I failed at it??

ukilnme3504d ago

LMAO. Reminds me of .....

Danja3504d ago

hmmm well if ur dying to play a Sim racer , then give this game a rent..other wise..move along

sonarus3504d ago

lol why are you in a defensive stance. No one asked you to buy the game and no one is going to judge you for buying it. There were people who bought Haze and Lair and still liked it i'm sure you could like this one as well

Why o why3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

Im sure you can tell the difference between a dodgy game and a bias review. Bias operates on many levels not just console vs console. As the guys over at edge and eurogamer are from the uk im sure they might just give games that are made in the uk 'higher' scores most of the time. GUESS what i found....? they do. Look at their scores for their neighbours codemasters' games, Media molecules game, Pysgnosis game etc etc. Bias exists people. Dont be so quick to dismiss it because a site slams a game every now and then. Im making this point now because the majority of reviews aren.t out yet but im sure the uk sites might be a little less critical of their compatriots

whas up ukilnme

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frayer3504d ago

Flop to the tenth power

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The story is too old to be commented.