The Lord of the Rings: Conquest Review - Poland.US

Licensed games. They are what many call a blight on the otherwise bright creativity inherent in the games industry. Some licenses consistently fall flat, with every game failing to ignite interest from critics and the rest of the public. Some manage to produce the occasional gem. Fortunately, the Lord of the Rings is one of these. The Lord of the Rings Online MMO and Battle for Middle-Earth RTS games have managed to carve out small, dedicated niches in the growing market, taking many by surprise for their interesting interpretations of Tolkien's Lore. So when EA announced that Pandemic was going to be making a Star Wars:Battlefront-esque game in the universe, many awaited it with cautious optimism. The game released mid-January: did Pandemic make up for its horrifically average last effort: Mercenaries 2, or is The Lord of the Rings: Conquest a blemish in the history of the franchise?

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