5 PS3 games to compliment your new PS3

So you finally crossed to the dark side right before the much anticipated KillZone 2 release. Or maybe you are waiting for your tax return to finally make the plunge to the dark side. What ever the case may be, you will need some top notch games to compliment your brand new PS3 console.

Check out TQcast's top five games, that should have the honor to be played on your brand new PS3 before any others.

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Mr PS33501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

But for me Replace pixeljunk with Warhawk

chaosatom3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

Monsters is brutally hard. Better pick is EDEN is awesome.

And since they are doing multi platform, why not replace burnout with Dead Space or something.

Godmars2903501d ago

But Monsters is a must have for casuals and hardcore alike.

JOHNNYbravo3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

Totally agree with list

burbulla3501d ago

So you guys notice old snake looks more bad ass with that beard in the picture

cryymoar3501d ago

how is Savage Moon? I wana buy it, i love TDs.

Narutone663501d ago

If you like TD like me, you will love this game. This game is a lot more complicated than your average flash type TD games.

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_Q_3501d ago

5.A lil torn but I'd say Valkyria Chonicles
Wipeout HD is very close though

himdeel3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago ) has action, online multiplayer, platforming, and strategy-RPG elements. If you could only go with 5 I'd probably go with Uncharted instead of MGS4 (although both are awesome) and added Wipeout so that there is a racer in the mix.

Not in any particular order of ranking
Uncharted - MGS4
Wipeout HD - Burnout Paradise

Edit: Now I'm torn between Burnout and Wipeout :(

Bubble Buddy3501d ago

I'm not an avid player on Warhawk because i seriously suck at it, but when you get kills, especially with a warhawk, it feels so rewarding :). With a tank also. Warhawk would be SO fun if I was a pro :(.

green-cigarettes 3501d ago

if i had to chose between 5 exclusives, i will go with: MotorStorm PR, Uncharted, R2, MGS4 and KZ2 but because KZ2 is not in-stores yet i'll go with LBP

f it was with multiplatform games only my list would be: Burnout Paradise, Mirrors Edge, Dead Space,Fallout3 and Skate2

Now exclusives and multi ill go with (no particular order) Motorstorm PR, MGS4, R2,Skate2 and Dead Space

Rip-Ridah3501d ago

1) MGS 4
2) Warhawk
3) Heavenly Sword
4) Uncharted
5) LBP
6) Valkyria Chronicles
7) Folklore
8) Wipeout HD
9) Ratchet and Clank Future Tools of Destruction
10) Resistance 1/2

edgeofblade3501d ago

That's really stretching it. Take those five games and don't get greedy.

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