Resident Evil 5 Taking a Step Back?

Kube00 Says: I finally got a chance to play the Resident Evil 5 demo for the Playstation 3. I gotta ask myself, "Is the game going backwards? Is Capcom focusing too much on co-op play to try to make more money while isolating its dedicated fans?"

Originally, the game was made for you to play it at night-in the pitch black-surrounded by the moaning and shuffling of hungry zombies seeking your flesh. I literary screamed like a girl many times when playing this game when I was younger. The series is known for missing the run-and-gun along with complex puzzles, and find-the-piece and take it here quests. The non-existent run-and-gun creates a tense atmosphere, as you have to find a place to stop and shoot the encroaching enemies, making every shot count as they keep coming. If you want a run-and-gun semi-horror go play the one shot wonder, Dead Space.

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killyourfm3558d ago

Capcom played way too much Left 4 Dead, Prince of Persia, and Gears of War 2 last year.

Oh, and this game IS NOT scary. What happened?

CrAppleton3558d ago

Ouch ouch ouch.. and ouch.. I don't think the demo was as scary as the RE games have been in the past.. but then again.. I didn't like the demo for L4D and I LOVE the game.. so we'll have to see what the full version holds

himdeel3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

...and agree with some of the comments the author makes. I've decided in my mind that this is not a game I'd want to play in the single player offline. The NPC is far too liberal with bullets for me. Besides after a couple of rounds with a real live player, I truly believe this game is meant to be played online co-op and the single player game was an afterthought.

chaosatom3558d ago

Single player alone gets Frustrating. I wouldn't play a level again if it was offline.

With co-op, I could play the same level multiple times without getting bored. Also made some friends by doing so.

bgrundman3558d ago

Last time I checked I had the ability to walk backwards and shoot at the same time. What gives? This doesn't have to be RE 4.5.

JimmyJames703558d ago

I barely played 5 minutes of the demo before I shut it off and deleted off my hard drive. Too many other great games to play before this one.

bgrundman3558d ago

I really wanted to like it, I just couldn't get a handle on the controls... it was too much of a hindrance. I guess I am just spoiled :P

JimmyJames703558d ago

I agree with @bgrundman, I wanted to like it, just couldn't get into it.

chaosatom3558d ago

It takes time to grow on you.

The Online-coop is what you should try.

bgrundman3558d ago

I will be interested to see if it sells better on 360 or PS3. Anyone willing to make a bet?

roblef3558d ago

I wish they'd stick to what they're good at: tense survival horror, limited ammo and strategic stands.

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