Portable Gamer Review: Little Red Sled (iPhone)

Rob LeFebvre writes:

"The fine folks at Imangi Studios have done it again. This time, though, they've taken their game to the next level. Instead of a killer word game, or brain buster of a puzzle, they've found their way straight down the hill to the fun buried deep in our inner child's black, soulless heart."

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bgrundman3585d ago

This looks like a pretty outstanding game. Makes me wish I had an iPod Touch or iPhone.

bgrundman3585d ago

I hope that more games like this take off on the platform. It looks like it could have great potential in the future.

CrAppleton3585d ago

Looks pretty awesome! I like the video of the music on the review

evadw3585d ago

Awesome! I've heard a lot of good things about this.

£1.19's not bad either!

supercharger51503585d ago

The chunky graphics aren't very appealing to me.

roblef3585d ago

They're pretty damn cute, once you start seeing them in motion. Definitely a part of the charm.

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