New Punch-Out!! Wii Details,Rated E-10

The ESRB has recently rated Punch-Out!! for the Wii, giving it a rating of E 10+. In their rating summary, they also provide some details about the game.

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Product3504d ago

Sounds like the original to me....which is not a bad thing.

Gr813503d ago

If Lil Mac will still be joggin with his trainer "Joe Louis" on the bike with the NYC skyline in the background.

Product3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

More then that will he be wearing this hot pink sweatsuit?

Edit: have a bubble for just being you.

ThatArtGuy3503d ago

And the bridge of the song "Runaway" playing in the background. I'm still surprised to this day that they got away with using that without crediting it.

Voiceofreason3503d ago

That actually happened a lot in older games. There was no internet filled with gamers to share all those types of secrets so whoever had the rights to the song probably never even knew it was stolen ,and the quality was also poor. I bet more than a few never even recognized it.

barakiu3503d ago

I'm not familar with that song "Runaway", could you give me some more information?

ThatArtGuy3502d ago

It's a song from the 60's by Del Shannon. It's easy to find since it was a huge hit.

Product3502d ago

wow that is the same song.......good find

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Product3503d ago

yea ive thought of that before...........reminds me of the cover for Metal Gear for Nes that was a total rip from Terminator,yet they got away with it

jcgamer3503d ago

Little Mac is BACK!

lol :)

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