David Jaffe:"IS this biased journalism? Or is it just me?"

David Jaffe about getting questions from what seems to him biased journalism.

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Cajun Chicken3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

Totally biased. I'm so glad Jaffe shoved that email up there.
I have no idea what to say at this point. Shocking.

I hope Jaffe answers sensibly and puts these people right.

No mention of the cobbled up and rushed manufacturing of the 360, eh?

PS3isBUST3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

And this journalist asked all the right questions, really touching on all the problems that I see with the PS3 myself personally.

True, XBOX 360 also isn't perfect, but to be fair, it's not the 360 that's getting outsold 2-1 every month and in dead last and it's not the XBOX brand that dominated the previous gen, it was the Playstation.

Sorry, if there's negative questions to be asked, but Sony did go from the top with the PS2, down to siberia with the PS3. No, the PS3 isn't dead but they could be doing a lot better if it wasn't for some ridiculous decisions from someone. As it stands the PS3 is on the ropes, and desperately needs a price drop or they will be out of contention very soon.

It always boils down to the same thing, PS3 costs too much because it has too much extra crap that has nothing to do with gaming. This is a gaming market where the XBOX and Playstation brands are purchased by people in search of video games not HD movies.

PS3's extra price is just handing the gaming market to XBOX 360, that's all it's done this gen. And it's just hard to watch and not criticize. I'm not sure,if these guys are still thinking that blu ray will save them or what??? I just don't know what they're thinking.

Actually, they're probably thinking they F*cken up big time with PS3 and are now picking up the pieces and trying to preserve any kind profit they can from the PS3. I think they already accepted that they finished third.

The XBOX brand is establishing itself to gamers and once the XBOX 720 comes out, it will sell like .... yeah "hotcakes", I hate using that cheesy ass expression. So I don't really buy PS3 longevity escape route either.

Anyway you look at it, the Playstation brand is just in a lot of trouble, and it's a shame with such great games coming up, that it won't even matter.

All Sony had to do, was price the PS3 the same their competitor XBOX 360, and they would of sold more worldwide because of brand recognition, and with this being a gen of multi platform games, all of Sony's first party studious would of been a huge plus.

Sony had to basically kick their own butts to lose this gen to Microsoft, and that's exactly what they did. What a pity.

Cwalat3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

Edit: ABOVE ME ^ -

are you kidding me?

Yeah the PS3 could've done better, so could the 360 << :S
But like David said, he's completely ignoring the success of PS3.
He talks like Blu-ray was actually BAD for Sony, when in reality they would be in a much worse place without it. Blu-ray has helped Sony ALOT this gen.

And completely ignoring the fact that Sony had more exclusives this year and end of last year. :/ mhmm, i heavily doubt that this journalist isn't biased.

MS was out with 360 a year ahead the competition,
and in three years it has sold nearly 28 million with a heavy failure rate.

Sony has been out with PS3 for two years (Europe only 1 year and a half) and it has sold 22 millions with a low failure rate.

Can someone tell me how this ^ is "Sony failed this gen" ?

Anyways, before i get ahead of myself. This journalist is ill in the head no doubt in my mind.

............................. ......
i completely agree with David Jaffee,
should never answer to such stupid email.

Cajun Chicken3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

I'm sorry, theres no rubbish in the PS3. This is where you are mistaken, its pretty much everything you need. People understand if they get one and use it to it's full potential.

The only stupid decision was the recession and that's not Sony's fault. I think that Sony have built one of the finest consoles I have laid my hands upon since the XBOX 1 (and previously the Dreamcast).

I can understand people don't want to pay full price for 'technology they won't use'.
But look at it this way, I got a machine which when the harddrive is full, I can put in another, I can watch a format which just so won the Hi-Def format wars, I can use my webbrowser and most importantly, I don't have to pay for an perfectly acceptable and improving online service every year which in effect will save me a BOMB when it comes to the planned lifespan of the PS3. Then access to the best artistically, perfectionist first party developers out there, such as Naughty Dog, Studio Liverpool, etc.

The PS3 is well worth the price and has nothing specifically wrong with it, if you just complain about the price, well thats not a valid argument. If people want a PS3, go out and buy one, don't complain and stick to a company that ignores massive overlooks. Sure, the PS3 had TWO bad games, Lair and what? Its more than caught up now.

What is however, is early models of 360 prone to fail worldwide and basically covered up by being a small issue and these days a regular occurance, a very noisy DVD drive, the constant disc scratching issue, paying for a wireless adapter at that price to access XBLM, then paying for online on top of that.

The PS3 has 'failed' due to price, that is all, not software, not hardware, not features, not even online services and as prices go down, things become popular and 'the norm' and people start to accept things for what they are.

Its people not knowing what PS3 does and is which is another factor.

TheTwelve3584d ago

Those questions are so biased, I can't believe they're real. I mean, I'd like to say that Jaffe was making those up.

Note how many of the questions begin with the premise of a bias against the PS3 and Sony.

If Jaffe actually answered those questions, it would sound like he's bashing the PS3.

Questions like these are how many stars and athletes get into trouble. Hopefully Jaffe is smart enough to avoid it---and I think he is.


XxZxX3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

dude, i can believe you guys can take a guy that have a name PS3isBUST seriously. If he is not bias, who is.

Mr_Bun3584d ago

Where's tordavis and all the others who claim that this "fanboy war" is caused and fueled by Sony fanboys?

I will say that it wouldn't make much sense for MSNBC to write a positive article about Sony, but the proof of biased "journalism" is right here.

talltony3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

Listen, the bottom line is that you should stop looking at which one costs more and look at which one is the better product. You get what you pay for, 360's always break and ps3's rarely do. If those are really your issues with the ps3 then thats fine its your opinion even if I dnt agree with you. but how could you not be even more mad with microsoft? They rushed a system to the market just to beat the competition to the punch line. They have all these console troubles in the first place because at the last second they added an extra 256MB of ram to a system that was made for only 256mb, so microsoft new in the begining that their was gonna be issues with their system as you bought it! how could you not be more mad at a company that would do something like that?. All sony is guilty of is giving you more than you asked for!

Lifendz3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

the double standard is there. Only 360 fanboys seem to be oblivious to it. Gamers can see it and, of course, PS3 fanboys make it bigger than it sometimes is. But yes, there is a bias and a double standard. There was a great blog written about Killzone 2 in which it brought up things the game got knocked for not having and other games that lacked the same but reviewers said nothing.

When Morgan Webb of Xplay starts her Killzone 2 review by stating PS3 owners now having something to spend their money on, and when articles are constantly written about how the PS3 is doomed when worldwide sales are equal to that of 360, there is a bias.

What amazes me is why its there. Sony's console may have launched at a high price, but a PS3 for 399.99 does not require any additional fees to play games online (unless you don't already own a blu-tooth headset) and the console actually works! Also, Sony's last 2 consoles were flat out amazing. Not saying the PS3 isn't or won't be just as amazing, but you think the company whose system took videogaming to a level Sega and Nintendo hadn't dreamed of would get more respect, no? Why is Sony getting absolutely slammed while MS still sells a console that frequently breaks?

Speaking of which, where is the major article about the 360's failure rate? Where is CNN, MSNBC, and all these other companies that did all those Sky is Falling stories on Sony with this?

GWAVE3584d ago

Gaming is a big market now. Of COURSE there's going to be a huge bias. That's the way the media works. It's amazing that some people don't grasp this (or perhaps they don't CHOOSE to grasp it). It's easy to poke fun at "Fox News" for being incredibly one-sided, yet the idea of this happening in the gaming world is SOMEHOW unheard of!

When you have Halo 3 swag bags and special laptops sent out to reviewers of Vista, you know there's a problem. When you have media outlets such as Variety actually being PURCHASED by Microsoft, you know there's a problem. Last but not least, when there's absolutely no standard for who can write reviews, there's a problem, because (as much as some people want to deny it), reviewers and even entire websites can be biased fanboys.

SupaPlaya3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

Let me send a question to Mr. Greenberg:

"Which of the following do you think caused the demise of your console? Is it:

B) lack of exclusives
C) overpriced accessories
D) charging for online access
E) all of the above?

Based upon our comprehensive industry analysis (no need for credible source, just trust me, I'm always right), the data suggest option E).

Thank you very much for your time Mr Greenberg. "

But then again, any sensible person should be able to see the way I wrote it is just totally biased and unfair. To even be called "journalists", they are giving the other journalists with integrity and those who gets murdered for reporting war news in foreign countries a really, really bad name.

If there ever is scoring for integrity, this guy gets 0 from me.

GameGambits3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

I really want to know how these questions were going to be used for MSNBC. There doesn't seem to be a way you could use these questions without malicious intent towards Sony's product.

What happened can't afford a PS3 now, but Killzone 2 is all you can think about? You are on your 4th 360 and felt you'd do the only thing you could do to get some sort of purprose in your existence by bashing Sony.

I'm glad I'm on my first 360 since I bought it about 2 years ago. If my PS3, 360, or Wii ever broke I'd go bonkers. Glad I own all 3 though so I don't miss out on any good games, because at the end of the day I'm a gamer---not loyal to squat. Loyalty to any of the console developers doesn't get you squat.

Anon19743584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

PS3isBUST said "To me, those are totally valid questions."
Under different circumstances, maybe, but given the current facts they just seem questions born out of ignorance.

All the questions relating to the price of the PS3 hurting it, of features forced on consumers, of low moral because of's all moot because there's nothing wrong with PS3 sales. The PS3 hit 17 million consoles by it's second year anniversary...4 million more than the 360 hit and with a higher price point and with stiffer compitition. It was outselling the 360 for almost a full year before the 360 drastically lowered their price, and even after that both systems sold dead even for the last two years.

It's hard not to be labeled hypocritical if you view something wrong with PS3 sales but think the 360 was just fine. Obviously the PS3 is being adopted by the consumer much quicker than the 360. Same thing with Blu-Ray sales which are again showing a much faster adoption rate than DVD.

So right there it just goes to show the ignorance of the journalist in question, and to an extend your own ignorance of the realities of the gaming industry. It's like someone asking "Why is the sky green?" and you asking "Ya, why is that?" when in reality the sky isn't green at all.

JokesOnYou3584d ago

Of course the questions are biased, obviously its a journalist who is looking to do a negative ps3 story and is hoping Jaffe will provide some creditability to his "upcoming" article.

Still its no different then a pro-ps3 site e-mailing Jaffe with pro-sony questions prior to a "upcoming" positive ps3 story.

I don't agree with their line of questions, a good journalist should ask both negative and positive questions to add balance but in the end its up to Jaffe to simply give his honest oppinion whether or not those questions are valid.

Again I read each question, they are all legit, I think what really bothers Jaffe is that its obvious the journalist is "looking" for a negative response, but I think Jaffe could easily answer every question positively in Sony's favor...if he feels so inclined. This is no different from the negative leading questions many 360 devs have been asked in interviews....I'm sure Jaffe can handle it.


Anon19743584d ago

What would happen to all those questions asked if Jaffe responded "I'm not sure what you're referring to. The PS3 is meeting it's ship targets and is selling faster than the 360 ever did at a much higher price point. Obviously consumers get it."

That's it. Every single question that journalist asked would be rendered null with that simple fact. Again, it's obvious this journalist was fishing for some more "PS3 is doomed" fodder that he could stick Jaffe's name beside to lend it credibility, but the whole line of questioning just has no basis in reality.

SWORDF1SH3584d ago

Enough of the fanboy news and fanboys on N4G.
Gaming journalist have got out of hand and its spreading to the gamers.
Be a real gamer and stop with the hate for rival console.
Both consoles are here to stay so get over it.
Make N4G a gaming site once again and MESSAGE ME to add you to the list to show that you support this message and spread this message.
Go on. Say something nice about your rival console.
People that support it:
Soda Popinsky
La Chance

DaTruth3584d ago

or does it seem like the American media is really biased against Osama Bin Laden and Mahmoud Ahmedinejad?

Consoldtobots3584d ago

"what was Sony thinking" in regards to the PS3 woulda made me STOP READING right then and there, email this person and ask to DELETE my email address.


Immortal Kaim3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

The biggest problem with those set of questions is that they are all negative, if there were a bunch of positive questions scattered throughout then I wouldn't see anything wrong with them.

Further more it is frustrating that we can't discuss ANY negatives with the consoles without getting attacked by overly sensitive 'gamers'. Like Sony's apparent market share loss, MS's horrible failure rate (which still exists) and Ninty's penchant for casual shovelware.

Edit: Yeah, guess I was right, can't discuss any negatives without someone taking offence. Anyone would think I insulted your mother...?

Nihilism3584d ago

best post ever, and i too picked (e

JoySticksFTW3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

Twisted Metal
Coming summer 2009!

Wow, how did I not hear this before?!


Do you guy think it's for real? Like a hint that it's coming soon?

pain777pas3584d ago

Those questions are biased and the truth is that the Xbox is a piece of failed tech that sells ok based on when it came out but Nintendo is #1 this gen forget Sony, though I see them creeping from behind. RROD is the biggest overlook in the history of gaming no console has went through this much trouble. My first 360 lasted 8 months and only months in was getting disc scatching and cannot read errors. How M$ is getting away with this is beyond me because they have a lot of crappy live games online and some busted exclusives from their own studios to boot so it having so many games is just ludicrous cause the only truly great exclusives are Gears and ME to me. Just my opinion.

na2ru13584d ago

need more people this

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Sangria3584d ago

"MSNBC". Just enough to know if it's biased or not.

v1c1ous3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

is he biased?


for extra lulz, go visit the topic about this subject in Neogaf. David himself insults fanboys and gets destroyed himself.

it's a sad sight. i didn't know he was this adamant lulz

DaTruth3584d ago

"Why does Dave only make games for ps3?
is he biased?"

He likes to make the best game he can! That's like calling a painter biased for using the best canvas and paint.

pain777pas3584d ago

Its not all price. Sega of America was strong and if you ask any real gamers of yesteryear why they had Sega systems was the American or North American ties that were strong. I remember a friend who wouldn't get a Nintendo system ever because of that reason alone. I am very serious. National loyalty is strong and is the undercurrent of this war from a hardcore gamer standpoint which we all are.

pixelsword3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

"Why does Dave only make games for ps3?
is he biased?"

The same way Dennis Dyack or Gabe Newell is, if you want to look at it like that.

Actually, Dyack and Gabe is more biased, because Jaffe actually has a close relationship with Sony, but the other two have no such history.

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sonarus3584d ago

Thats not biased media. Thats just media being obsessed with PS3 is dead articles.

table3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

america loves microsoft.

Lifendz3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

say what you will about price, but you're much more likely to get a system that won't break on you for any one of several reasons ala 360.

and to my disagrees (I'm sure they're coming) I have no fanboy in me at all. I've owned all types of systems. I go where the games are. I'm not loyal to a company; I'm loyal to my hobby. That said, I can't believe so many of you have put up with MS charging you for something no other console does--playing games online-and one that is still breaking!

locos853584d ago

Why are people complaining about the price? Good things will always cost more. Look at Nike's compared to payles shoes. Samsung tv's compared to Olevia. Sony Viao laptops to Accer laptops. Mercedes' compared to Hyundai. Just like what people say about PSN and XBL, "You get what you pay for" Even though I think they are pretty much even.

Lifendz3584d ago

I'm not disagreeing with you. You do get what you pay for. I think people are complaining because they are looking at the price in a vacuum. They are not considering the additional fees, the failure rate, or any other variables. It's just price v. price. I also think people are bishing about price because sites like 1up, Gamespot, and others only deal with price. Ya know, the arguement that comes up after they say PSP has no games. These are the same sites that complain about the things you pay for on PSN (home clothing for example) while ignoring the great service you receive for free.

no-spin3584d ago

PS3 = a premium console, which of course will cost a premium price.

I dont see these dumb journalists questioning Cadillac overpriced vehicles. Is like the gaming industry is hold to a different standard and it has to be cheap for being acceptable.
When selling over 15 million in 2 years is considered a failure, is just ridiculous. I will keep laughing at the mediocrity of these articles and keep enjoying my RROD proof PS3 (oh oh, now 360 owners will disagree because i mention the imaginary RROD).
MS will need more than their marketing to hold back the PS3 from ripping the head off of the 360

DaTruth3584d ago

The reason they focus on price is cause they have nothing else to say bad about the PS3.

Manolo Blahniks, why do you sell less then Payless? Is it because Payless shoes are better?

pain777pas3584d ago

Stewgart you my friend are understanding this war. No american system has been #1 and I feel truthfully that America wants to spear head this medium and American and some Japanese who understand or are naive are doing this as well. The ideas with live and stuff are good. Games are subjective. Hardware complete fail as far as functionality and physically not being able to keep up with hardware intensive games like gears. I kid you not I think that part of my gears disc that wouldn't read anymore was due to overheating you could see that there were no scratches but half the disc looked warped on the disc as if info was gone or something. You should get a warranty at EB or gamestop if you get any 360 game, cause that saved me.

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Megaton3584d ago

Looks like one of the typical anti-Sony pieces this place is flooded with.

ngg123453584d ago

I mean some one affiliated to sony, and making an original ip exclusive to the console, and you give him a questionnaire which basically wanting him to destroy the console he is working on. I mean that isn't just screwed up, it really is pathetic journalist integrity.