Yakuza 3 Japanese Demo Impressions by Gamerlimit

Attention all Yakuza series fans: the Yakuza 3 demo just launched in Japan last night! Gamer Limit was able to get my hands on the demo at a friend's house, and let me tell you, it looks incredible. This Gamer Limit writer had never played a Yakuza title before, so it was really excited to finally get my hands on this critically acclaimed series. The visuals were on par with any current-gen PS3 title, but was the gameplay fulfilling? Read on to find out!

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kaironn3559d ago

I can't wait to try this myself, but I'll probably have to wait for the US release.

Handsome_Devil3559d ago

yeah me too, I only wish it comes sooner than later :)

arika3559d ago

i played it a while ago. man the graphics was so gorgeous. its is way better than shenmue. especially on the part where you are trying to please a modern geisha, man i'm in love with her. come on SEGA bring it to US now!

just one question to the writer he said that "it is not coming on us shores". that is so wrong dudes its going to come just like yakuza 1 & 2. the question is when its going to come out here.

firelogic3559d ago

the graphics are better than Shenmue. It was a Dreamcast game!

chrisjc3559d ago

Author said "Yakuza 3 will most likely not hit US shores due to the lack of sales of it’s predecessors in the states."

Most likely.

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Antan3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

I tried the demo and i thought graphically it was underwhelming, though framerate was fine (gameplay models are not quite upto the level of the cutscene models). Gameplay was quite fun however. The fight mechanics were solid, though of course i had no idea what i was doing or reading!!!!!!! I do think this may not arrive in the west for a very long time if at all. Theres alot of v/o work and a shed load of text, so i won`t be suprised if it doesn`t make it.

Danja3559d ago

and thats the reason why the game has no release date outside of Japan is because they have so much work to be done...on the game getting it ready for the English speaking market.

be aware that Yakuza 2 came out last year fall..on the PS2...

so SEGA always release this game way off down the road

Uzesgelen_Goo3559d ago

@Antan well i'm fine with only text changing to english (because english voice over was horrible in Yakuza 1) and Yakuza 2 was english text and japanese voice over and imo it's turned best !!!

on-topic one thing is Yuya and Kazuki's mouth changed to A little big hehe (^_^')
other than this all awesome it's the game that must release in U.S

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Clance3559d ago

May have to get my hands on this too

Cartesian3D3559d ago

I really cant wait to get this game... plz confirm a US,Europe.. whatever release date.. or atleast put english subs on it.. :(

the fighting system seems so much FUN :P I want to beat the hell out of all of those Yakuza guys ..

2 cents3559d ago

With english subs i`ll import this game no matter where from

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The story is too old to be commented.