Windows 7 has a 'bioluminescent' boot

Microsoft has described the thinking behind the new Windows 7 boot animation, with the company stating that words like "bioluminescence", "organic", "humble beauty", and "atmosphere" were part of its conception.

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Capt CHAOS3588d ago

Incase you didn't know.

Like all things IT.. I'll believe it when it see it..

Kushan3587d ago

Well, the boot screen they're talking about is in the public beta, so if you want to see it for yourself, try it out on a VM or whatever.

This is all just marketing terminology, it doesn't really mean anything, it's just designed to sound impressive. Still, it is a nice effect and I suppose there's no harm in a few nice touches here and there. May as well look at something while your system is booting, eh?

drewdrakes3587d ago

"This is all just marketing terminology"

Apparently it isn't. Did you READ the post you replied to? Or did you just reply to the first comment.

Kushan3587d ago (Edited 3587d ago )

Yeah, I did read it, actually. I was responding to this:

"Like all things IT.. I'll believe it when it see it.. "

Hercules3587d ago

i know this when i had to reset my laptop for the

Kushan3587d ago

I think this article is more about the reasoning behind it rather than revealing it's existence.

jay23587d ago

This artical is stupid and a waste of time...... It's about a logo not a game.........

Eiffel3587d ago

See that tab above that says TECH.

Yeah think before you type, holmes.

Lord Anubis3587d ago

please don't be silly. This article is more about Microsoft not allowing customizable boots. and yes please have a sit first but there is a tech section. Yeah it's not a myth. Perhaps you would like the admins tell you in person?

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