ESA Confirms Booth Babes Making a Return for E3 2009

The Entertainment Software Association has confirmed that it will let exhibitors have promotional models (booth babes) on their booths again. Speaking to, ESA' senior director of communications, Dan Hewitt was asked if booth babes will be present at this year's E3 expo. Hewitt laughed and provided the following PR-friendly answer:

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UltimaEnder3562d ago

I wonder if they will actually be hot, hmmmmmm.....also how many publishers will use them if the show is still on a small basis; interesting questions these are!

Sev3562d ago


I was disappointed at last year's E3....

BTW, I meant to say YEST!

Rhezin3561d ago

I've got to go to E3 someday. The Ultimate Nerdgasm.