Ars: Street Fighter IV: how's the online play? We find out

Ars writes:

"We weren't able to get any time playing online in time for the large Street Fighter IV review, but now that the retail version of the game is in my office, I can hook up my arcade stick and see just how well this fighter does online. Does the system work, or are you better off just playing local games?

The first thing to remember is that you should turn off the feature that allows others to challenge you while in Arcade mode. If you're trying to unlock characters or just practice, it can be a pain in the butt to be yanked out of your game simply because you came up on someone's match-making radar. In your network settings, set "Arcade Fight Request" to "Request: Off" and you won't be interrupted. If you're always spoiling for a fight, keep it on."

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The gaming GOD3562d ago

But I had to set that arcade request thing off. Because nothing is more annoying that being interrupted while trying to beat the game. And believe me, you get interrupted like every 2 minutes. You can' even finish a match lol

But yeah, the online is fun.

The gaming GOD3561d ago

I have my own disagree fangirl chasing me like the anonymous [email protected] he/she is