European PSN Store Update: 19/02/09

TheSixthAxis: "PS3 Games:

Noby Noby Boy
Street Fighter II HD [

PS3 Game Add-ons:

Mirror's Edge Pack
Skate 2 - Dyrdek's Fantasy
Burnout Legendary Cars
Burnout Time Savers Pack (gives you all cars and bikes)
LBP WipEout Costume Pack

Rockband Tracks:

Turbonegro: Wasted Again
White Zombie: More Human Than Human
White Zombie: Black Sunshine


Mini Ninja

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Cajun Chicken3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

Nice, consider Noby Noby Boy bought in a few minutes time.

Hey, that's a lot of nice PSP games today and a Cuboid theme!

Nice, not a bad update at all. I think those PSP game releases'll balance out the delay of SSF2:HD.

GiantEnemyFlop3582d ago

what do u think of this game? it's look weird, but good weird

is it fun to play ?

Cajun Chicken3582d ago

Its freaking odd. I'm gradually finding out how to play it. Seems very relaxing though. Lots of eccentric humour.

GiantEnemyFlop3582d ago

thnx for the reply Cajun, may be i will wait before i perches this game to make sure

vicheous3582d ago

This is NOT the full store update!!

Cajun Chicken3582d ago

Looks about right to me. What's not there except for a few free themes?

Sangria3582d ago

Cool, i'll be able to play Street Fighter II HD, the same one that i already have on 360 since November and just 14 hours before i buy Street Fighter IV. That's so awesome, i'm so happy to see that we, European player, that make more sales than USA or Japan, are so much highly estimated.

Really, thank you Sony for rewarding our loyalty. I'm so proud to be European.

Cajun Chicken3582d ago

Yeah, except for that, I'd say its quite a good update, I've heard good things about Stateshift for PSP, my friend had it once said its a bit like Rollcage, pretty hard to find, not a bad price.

Well lets hope this buggery never happens again, multiregion releases in future, eh?

mll093582d ago

Does the time savers pack give you the PCPD special?

Cajun Chicken3582d ago

Noby Noby Boy has In-Game soundtracks!

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