Massively: One Shots: Look out Slayers


"It appears as the time draws nearer for the Choppa and Slayers to be added in, the seemingly good-natured smack-talking in Warhammer Online is starting up. We got a little hint at it earlier, but today's One Shots can't be construed as anything other than a warning, as today's contributor Crushedskull from the Cabal guild on the Badlands server puts it: This screenshot was taken at an Elf Warcamp, on a Waaagh tower. Most of the Warhammer Online community is stoked for the introduction of the Choppa and the Slayer. This is just my little message for anyone thinking about to rolling a Slayer. Too bad you and those crazy Dwarves with the explosives aren't on the same server; could make for a hell of a screenshot!"

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