Kingdom Hearts on the Wii is an April Fools Joke.

The last states: " This year they've [EGM] come up with something more creative, and even put in the time to make convincing 3D images to sell their lie. I'd love to play a Mushroom Kingdom Hearts game, but it's pretty obvious that this is their cruel joke in the April issue of EGM."

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Rasputin20114304d ago

If EGM really made this up as some sort of sick joke...SHAME ON THEM

eclipsegryph4304d ago

Oh well, it was too good to be true. :p

PS360WII4304d ago

they got me hook line and sinker >< I was so happy when I first heard it then the feeling went away with the knowlege of April Fools...

ChickeyCantor4304d ago

its not even april........makes it more LAME.