Another MMO Sailing To The PlayStation 3

ps3cc The PlayStation 3 may be light on RPGs now, but it's getting plenty of MMORPG love with games like DC Universe Online, Free Realms, and the Agency in development. Predating all of Sony Online Entertainment's projects is a title from Dynasty Warriors maker Koei.

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jams_shop3216d ago

I'll buy it if they release in NA

GameGambits3216d ago

Just looked up some vids for the game and this def. isn't a mmo that would sell well if at all stateside. That's just my guess, but either way it just doesn't look as fun mmo wise as something like FFXI, WoW, EQ, Ragnarok, Lineage 2, etc.

I'm more excited to hear about the new FF MMO project that's been under major secrecy from Square, but is supposedly going to be finally let out to the public to know its existence come this E3. I hope that's true, because FFXI stole 6 years of my life. :)

IronAva3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

I hope they are free to play. Only MMO I paid for was FFXI and I will not pay again.

creeping judas3216d ago

Well let's hope they don't target a teen audience with this one like with Free Realms. I was so disappointed when I found out Free Realms was to be catering to 13yr to 16yr old demographic.

ShinnokDrako3216d ago

MMORPG here, MMORPG theer, PS3 full of MMORPG... why i see 0 of them still? O_o
I'd like a nice one on my PS3, hope the programmers wake up.

Godmars2903216d ago

That's what I want to know/see.

Wonder if an EVE online clone is possible?