Goldeneye on VC possible?

Aside from Ocarina of Time, one other game Wii owners have been begging to get on virtual console is Rare's N64 shooter masterpiece, Goldeneye 007. But how possible will getting Rare's classic on the virtual console be?

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OldSchoolGamer3911d ago

Don't hold your breath on that. More likely to see it on xbox arcade before the Wii

zonetrooper53911d ago

I would love to see it on the Xbox Live Arcade.

PureGamer3911d ago

this was the last great game from Rare :( shame really.

The BS Police3911d ago

the first Perfect Dark was 10 times better than Goldeneye.

WTF3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

Man,I miss those days playing this game with my friends,we played for like 5 to 6 hours on the weekends.And there were 4 players (not now that we have 8 to 15,etc.),man how fun was to use the proximity mines and 1 shot kill.Good times ) ; I hope the game get to XBOX LIVE ARCADE.

3911d ago