Mortal Online Counts Down... To What?

A curious countdown has appeared on the official Mortal Online website, sparking off speculation of trailers or big announcements about this incredibly realistic-looking but as yet unreleased MMO.

The beta is still in development, so a public test is unlikely.

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Maticus3589d ago

Nah, it's due out in the summer.

Leord3589d ago

Aha, that's weird. Some announcement perhaps?

Leord3589d ago

Interesting. It's cool to see all these (potential) new MMOs out there, as WoW ages and ages.

Maticus3589d ago

I'm hoping for a juicy trailer personally, but given all the speculation it's causing it better be good!

AndyA3589d ago

It can't just be a trailer can it?

Maticus3589d ago

If it's the beta that would be stupendously awesome, but it won't have given them much time to develop it.

Leord3589d ago

Yeah, good point. People don't like countdowns for small things...

Fyzzu3589d ago

Unless it's a beta or a huge amount of information I doubt I'm going to be interested, but countdowns tend to occupy my imagination. Damn marketing tools.

Leord3589d ago

Indeed, it just turns fans away...

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