Americas Sales for the Week Ending February 7, 2009

Video game hardware sales continue to perform well relative to early 2008. Nonetheless, hardware sales for the first week in February 2009 are down sharply from the last week of January 2009. Sales in the previous week were artificially inflated by tax breaks and a relative abundance of hardware supply so the drop off across the board is rather natural. The recent announcement of the DSi launch date could cannibalize DS hardware sales in the Americas somewhat for the short term as some potential users wait for the fancier model. If that is the case, industry sales increases over 2008 will fall on Wii and Xbox 360 until the DS market gets reinvigorated.

Wii - 234,094
DS - 154,944
XBox 360 - 92,062
PSP - 61,176
PS3 - 56,518
PS2 - 28,838

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madestar3505d ago

can you say the gap is gettin' closer??? bubbles please

Hallucinate3505d ago

thats only amercia..we should wait for world wide..if they even do a WW on a weekly basis anyways

ambientFLIER3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

Can you say the gap is getting wider? For the gap to grow smaller, the PS3 would have to sell more than the 360 each week.

RROD4TIMES3505d ago

it's only vgcharts.. i'd rather wait for official numbers from both parties...... 360 goin' to give numbers shiipped or actual numbers sold??? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... lol jk

fufotrufo3505d ago

amm assuming 360 numbers are shipped and not you really think sony's reported numbers are any different?

RROD4TIMES3505d ago

lets be honest now.. lol m$ are some slimey mf'ers.. they put out a console that they knew would fvck up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 times man!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rrod 4 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! let's compare actual workin' 360's with actual workin' ps3's.... face palm a-hole

ukilnme3505d ago

Please remember to take your pills before posting. We would like to see some objective thoughts rather than crazy delusional ramblings. Oh wait, I forgot this is the open zone. Carry on RROD4TIMES.

JokesOnYou3505d ago

If vg chartz numbers are close to accurate then thats still one helluva deep breath at 234k for the week.


N4Sony3505d ago

This is VGChartz, only credible if your console is winning. They had January 360 victory inflated by about 50,000 units, so, let's just add that to the 2,345,803 page list of examples as to why YOU DON'T TRUST THESE NUMBERS.

Wait for NPD before we all start bashing each other, okay?

3505d ago
Hercules3505d ago

first I thought we didn't trust vgchratz second..these numbers are actually good (if its real) to be only for a is making up money for the ps2/psp...oh well

happy gaming!!!!

uncharted2 ftw!!!

Kill Crow3505d ago

when they report your favourite console doing worse than YOU think it is ....

table3505d ago

the xbox is flying off the shelves in the states because of the cheap arcade model... and also we all know how much america loves microsoft...

Foxgod3505d ago

well, why would you not love a western product, i am european, i love western products

Unless its about food, i love food from everywhere.

ukilnme3505d ago

I know it hurts, but help me understand something. It gets a little confusing with all the back and forth from a certain majority here on N4G. Do sales matter today or only when the preferred console outsells the other console?

PS360PCROCKS3505d ago

America loves Microsoft? Where the hell are you from? America loves Apple and everything foreign, most of out products nowadays are either outsourced and made in other countries or flat out just imported. Everyone and their mom has an Ipod, not a Zune.

BRG90003505d ago

I'd still really like to see a breakdown of how the three Xbox SKUs are selling relative to each other. I bet the arcade was huge during the holidays, but isn't the top seller right now. I know literally nobody with an arcade model.

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