DICE 2009: The Very Different Gaming World Gabe Newell Wants

Valve founder Gabe Newell presented a very different model for how the gaming industry should work during his keynote at the DICE Summit this evening, one that would radically change the lives of gamers.

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Cajun Chicken3505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

Does it include not ignoring potential audience, fans and stopping slinging mud at consoles you should also be making games for?


"-Gaming consoles that connect gamers to game studios:
Given that most of Newell’s ideas are more easily executed on PCs, Newell wound up fielding a question from New York Times reporter Seth Schiesel about how any of this can work for creators and consumers of console games. After all, Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony exert control over game makers that doesn’t exist on the PC where Valve reaches consumers through Steam. (You can’t picture Microsoft allowing Xbox Live Arcade developers to repeatedly change the price of their released games, can you?). Newell thinks that consoles makers who don’t allow the kinds of things he described throughout his talk would be making a decision akin to, a decade ago ignoring 3D graphics and sticking just with 2D. It won’t be better graphics that determines a winner in the next console generation (which, of course, it never has been: see the N64, Xbox and PS3). It’ll be the extent to which a console allows game creators “to have this relationship with your customers.” The “this” is everything bullet-pointed above. Maybe Bungie is closest to achieving this"

Note; “to have this relationship with your customers.”

HolyOrangeCows3504d ago

A relationship with customers? Is that why he ignores the PS3 and the fans who own ps3's?

GWAVE3505d ago

If the gaming world ran according to Gabe Newell's ideas, I'd shoot myself in the face. We'd be playing expansion pack after expansion pack on an outdated engine.

His vision works fine for PC gaming, because PC gaming is having a lot of problems from a business standpoint (pirating games, software compatibility, losing shelf space to console games, little to no advertising, DRM, etc). However, his system would throw a massive monkey wrench into the console market, which is JUST starting to see the fruits of online integration.

TheTwelve3504d ago

Last time I checked, Sony wouldn't fit into Newell's world either, right?

Therefore, I can't join into his dream. Haha.


candystop3504d ago

Quit whining and get with the program you silly fanboys. No matter how much of the typical hating you do it will never hurt the image of Gabe in the industry. Just because the man doesn't like PS3 doesn't mean he's an idiot.

Tempist3504d ago

Gabe has a lot of flaws in his thinking. All this works on the assumption that A) everyone is using a PC and B) everyone has decent internet.

Price chaning annoys me and typically if it's too costly instore, I move to online (amazon, ebay in a pinch) to get games. Typically it becomes a waiting game and I don't always like feeling burned that I paid or waited a long time for a cheaper price. There are other avenues to explore.

63 'updates' makes TF2 look like a very, very flawed game. It's nice that you can update so frequently, but at the same time, why can't you make something right the first time, you did take like 6 years to make the game.

DRM is still DRM and we don't want it. DRM works best when it just isn't practical to copy (such as a Blu-Ray disk. I have other things to do than pirate upto 50GB of game and try and store that somewhere.)

Really, Gabe's vision is short sighted and narrow. I believe he's long over due for a stepdown from Valve. As is it looks like Valve is on its way to being the next EA (remember when they were a humble company with quality?)

_Q_3504d ago

that he means well. But the fact is Devs cant constantly be updating old games. Not all gamers will keep playing games like TF for 3 years. Especially console gamers. They are a different breed. Me as a console gamer love to see new IPs. I dont keep playing the same games over and over(cept a very short list of old school). I want freh and shiny and new. So for now we can keep things the way they are

The pricing I feel is a huge step in the right direction. However a new map pack every 3 weeks for COD4 would surely be welcomed =P

GWAVE3504d ago

@ candystop

Where did I mention the PS3? Your fanboy colors are showing...

SaiyanFury3504d ago

Data-mine customers' Computers...What a brilliant idea! While I'm at it let me shut off my antivirus and firewall and let every other threat known to exist onto my PC., sorry. I'll continue to play games the way they're made and delivered now. Always has worked, always will work.

Elven63504d ago

GWAVE: I think he was talking to "The Twelve".

Gabe Newell is one hell of a programmer, I will give him that much. I wouldn't go as far as calling him a Microsoft fanboy by any means, so what if he doesn't support the PS3? He supported the PS2 and made some high quality ports on the console to boot.

Back on topic, he obviously knows what he is on about if he was able to create a service like Steam. Although I'd rather have my physical copy of PC games.

He even supported the Dreamcast, a shame they canceled the Half Life port, it was almost finished!

kwyjibo3504d ago

Quote - "Really, Gabe's vision is short sighted and narrow."

You're joking right?

Steam was short sighted? His entire speech at DICE was pretty much how powerful a platform it was, how connected to the customers they were.

Digital distribution, having instant access to your customers, knowing exactly what the hardware landscape is, automatic updating, DRM that works - you call that short sighted?

Just today, EA announced that SecuROM was being dropped from Red Alert 3 on Steam - http://store.steampowered.c... - that's more about being short sighted right?

Retail games are being released by third parties which are Steam only. You can't even purchase NBA 2K9 on Steam, yet it requires it to run.

Quote - All this works on the assumption that A) everyone is using a PC and B) everyone has decent internet."

That's the same as saying that Sony is too narrow by ignoring the Wii market. And you contradict your first point, by claiming that everyone needs decent internet, like its some mythological place in the future, very short sighted eh?

That ignores the fact that Retail purchases complement Steam. You don't need a massive pipe to activate a retail install. It might cost you an extra 20 minutes (I have no idea how long activation actually takes), but you can then set your account offline and play the unpatched game.

Valve have a platform on PC, they have 20 million active accounts. Even in a recession, they're going to be rolling in the money. Sure, there's competition coming, (do you think GFWLive would have been free had it not been for Steam?), Stardock are doing some interesting things, so are

But I welcome that, Valve are going to have to fight for the market, and that means better services for customers.

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dachiefsman3504d ago


Montrealien3504d ago

fat jokes on a Gabe Newel story? I am shocked! N4G users at their best as usual..

*rolls eyes*

Anon19743504d ago

While you were rolling your eyes, Gabe Newell stole your donuts.

DelbertGrady3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

Keep up the good work Gabe. Can't thank you enough for Left 4 Dead, The Orange Box and Portal: Still Alive. HL Episode 3 next?

gumgum993504d ago

and thats why Wii fit exists

Elven63504d ago

So what if Gabe Newell is fat? So are a majority of gamers!

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thematrix12983504d ago

His keynote says he wants to expand his Steam distribution and make more money. I wish his keynote include talk about obesity.

HolyOrangeCows3504d ago

Definitely. That guy needs to get off of his butt sometime. He's so freaking FAT.

-EvoAnubis-3504d ago

"In my world of gaming, I don't see why cheeseburgers can't be used as currency to my products. A brand new game would cost 15 cheeseburgers, and expansions would be 2 cheeseburgers each."

"All this new technology is really confusing with multi-core processors, so we should just have things stay exactly the same, so we don't have to learn anything different."

"Ideally, people should just play versions of Half-Life forever. God forbid we do anything new or different."

CoxMulder3504d ago

the first one was a bit off..

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