WoW Expansion Delayed In China

It's been three months since Wrath of the Lich King was released in Europe and the US, but China has yet to see the second World of Warcraft expansion.

Speculation that a rift between WoW's operators in China, The9, and Blizzard has developed. The9's contract with Blizzard is up for renewal in June.

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Leord3582d ago

Well, on the other hand, it was like a YEAR after BC was released that they got it...

Still, they just get the expansions "for free" so there is less of an incentive to be quick about it in China. People still pay per the time they are online.

Maticus3582d ago

WoW had to be reprogrammed for China back then though remember, they didn't want any bones showing, so all characters and monsters like skeletons had to be covered with flesh!

Leord3582d ago

Yeah, but they had to do that with regular stuff as well. Would have been little change between, and it would not take a year to do that.

Elly3582d ago

Why such a delay (a year for BC)?

Dorjan3582d ago

Sounds normal for China...

Fyzzu3582d ago

Poor China. Wrath has the best content that's been in WoW yet.

Maticus3582d ago

Would Blizzard be able to sell the franchise to anyone else now though, after 4 years.

Leord3582d ago

I think the rumours of rifts there are basically untrue. I think I heard some inside source once about it. Seems like speculation mostly.