Killzone 2 dev interview: "We are thinking about the next thing"

By now everybody knows that Killzone 2 does not support co-op (at least not a launch), that the single player is awesome and that bots are available in multiplayer. So when we, Dutch games website Gaming Only, got the chance to talk to Arjan Brussee, the Development Director at Guerrilla Games, we talked about something different than Killzone 2.

We asked him what happens at a dev's offices once a game goes gold, what they do on launch day and of course what is next for Guerrilla? He couldn't tell us what is next, but they are already working on the next thing. Plus, he admitted that the whole team is constantly checking N4G at this moment for new reviews of Killzone 2.

The interview is in Dutch, but we added English subtitles so everyone can understand!

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Lifendz3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

I can't tell you how many times I read a comment that said "Why are you guys hyping KZ2 when the first one sucked?" Now they see why. Now GG gets to tell the whole world "I told you so."

So glad they managed to live up to that unbelievable tech demo. Can't wait to pick this game up.

Now, and forever, whenever someone starts to say a game that was too ambitious for the hardware on which it was produced should not be made on a more powerful system, we can point to Killzone 2 as a prime example.

Now if only Sony would advertise the game like they did Resistance 2.

jcgamer3504d ago

and GG should win an award for the most addictive many times have i played it? i've lost count! lol :)

pwnsause3504d ago

same here, all the naysayers got Bit*hslapped by GG. as what the Initials state, GG naysaayers.

RROD4TIMES3504d ago

they do need to advertise.. but it's also a no brainer for gamers... but to the average casual gamers... mostly they would want something to help them to decide if they want to pick it up... or a ps3 console even.. sony needs to push the message to casual gamers.. like... a big as billboard in times square or somethin' statin' that this game is gonna blow your fvckin' mind

hazeblaze3504d ago

Yea, GG did a great job proving a great many ppl wrong with KZ2!!! I do wonder where they will take their next game... they've only done FPS titles so I'm sure it will be another, but I wonder will it be inside the KZ universe. I do hope so actually... some of the weapons & vehicles of KZ seem very interesting and I'd like to see them expand on them in the next game.

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LightofDarkness3504d ago

They'll probably forego KZ3 at first, instead concentrating on something they've wanted to get out of their systems for a while. A low pressure project, if you will. Probably "World Curling Championships 2010."

Aclay3504d ago

Some may disagree with me, but I would actually like for Guerrilla to do something new for the next project, and do the next Killzone on the next Playstation. I mean, there's just so many shooters on the market and plenty of upcoming shooters, both multiplatform and PS3 exclusive shooters and it would be nice to see what else Guerrilla could do other than FPS.

Jaffe's game hasn't been confirmed (although it's most likely Twisted Metal), but if Jaffe's game isn't Twisted Metal, I'd like to see Guerrilla collaborate with Incognito to make the most epic Car Combat game this world has ever seen.

pwnsause3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

Warhawk 2 with the killzone 2 engine would be an epic win, but with the same Warhawk art style, with amazing visuals and a campaign mode.

Giriath3504d ago

Warhawk 2 on a deferred rendering engine of its own would be awesome, what with all the light sources and postprocessing effects you can have running on it. Warhawk 2 wouldn't work well with Killzone 2's engine because Warhawk 2 shouldn't have the hit response system and isn't in first person.

People don't seem to get that most engines are designed specifically for the game the developers are making. Engines like the Unreal Engine and Sony's own EDGE are developed to be used by anyone, not Killzone 2's engine.

swinesucker3504d ago

still we can only hope

me luv warhawk

outlawlife3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

it bothers me when people put things in like "By now everybody knows that Killzone 2 does not support co-op (at least not a launch),"

thats just implying that it will get co-op, and there has been zero indication or evidence that it will ever receive such a thing ... thats where rumors start ladies and gentlemen

Pennywise3504d ago

They have made statements recently that hints at it. GG know Coop should of been in the game... at least online coop. With a team already following you through out the game it shouldnt have been ignored.

gametheory3504d ago (Edited 3504d ago )

You'd realize there IS evidence suggesting it's possible. Not surely, but possibly.


Damn it, penny! You beat me to it, so I pressed disagree.

Brodiesan3504d ago

Here is just ONE link to a site that covered the fact that GG are looking into Co-op.

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