UK to get world's most expensive DSi

With the news that Nintendo's DSi console has received a UK release date and price, Pocket Gamer takes a look at the pricing structure and discovers the UK is expected to shell out more than any other region for the DS hardware update.

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shadowghost7523558d ago

well that is rip off britain for you,i hate it when us in the uk have to pay more for everything, it ain't just nintendo every company does it

Hobgoblin3558d ago

Very true. At least we weren't left waiting too long this time, I suppose - normally it's more expensive and three months later than the US.

shadowghost7523558d ago

too true hobgoblin, i hope that this will change soon, i mean what is the point of thecommerce office if they dont take any notice of this daylight robbery that we have to put up with

mint royale3558d ago

it is ridiculous how this continually happens. Nintendo, Sony and MS all have products that are far too expensive (although MS redeemed themselves for a mere few months with the original european price cut). Its ridiculous that all 3 take advantage of us in this way.

resistance1003558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

"well that is rip off britain for you,i hate it when us in the uk have to pay more for everything, it ain't just nintendo every company does it"

Actually the PS3, PSP and 360 are around the same price in the UK and US (changes often due to exchange rate at the moment).

Still remember that the US prices are before tax, UK ones include tax. Also we get higher wages, free health care etc so that's also a factor due to pricing of items.

Still anyway back on topic

£150 for a DS with minor upgrades and major downgrades doesn't really cut it for me. I can't see how Nintendo can justify a 50% increase in price over a DS lite. I mean you can get a PSP 3000 with games for less.

gaffyh3558d ago

Anyone that already owns a DS Lite and buys this DSi kinda deserves to be ripped off. It isn't even that much better than the DS Lite, and Nintendo (as usual) have spent as little as possible, putting only a 1.3 Megapixel camera in it. Most mobiles have atleast 2.0 Megapixel cameras now.

Anyone who doesn't own a DS though, atleast they get a little more functionality now, even though I doubt anyone will use the new features that much.

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AliC3558d ago

It's the UK, the Government are laughing all of the way to the bank.

Vip3r3558d ago

Well they do own them all now so it's to be expected.

Mindboggle3558d ago

Correction..We own the banks...Anyone who pays taxes now owns the greedy banks...And the government who get our taxes do whatever they want with it....Like bail out these crappy banks....

Arsenal4Ever3558d ago

lol they expect me to pay $300 for a Nintendo DS. Hell no Way.

kewlkat0073558d ago

Nintendo have sold so many DS's they should be giving some away for free....

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