FIFA 09 trophy list revealed

The trophy list for Fifa 09 is released.
launch : March 19
Trophies : 48

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GrieverSoul3558d ago

This puts shame on PES2009!
Konami announced trophies before EA and EA delivers them before Konami!

Shame on you Konami! Shame on you!

Get your act together and Trophy patch MGS4 and PES2009!

user94220773558d ago

Yes! I'm a god on fifa so this should be easy, fifa just keeps getting better and better!

actas1233558d ago

Maybe you are good, but no one can defeat me in FIFA, i am kinda of a big shot in this game!

creamydingle3558d ago

I remember playing you online actas and beat you 15 - 0 a big shot more like a little useless shot lmao

Vegie3558d ago

It's too late for a trophy patch...

probably a marketing strategy, also %100 its not retro active so were gonna play more offline tha online when it comes out

WhittO3558d ago

they took their time lol.

Alot of already released games are getting patched for trophies lately.

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The story is too old to be commented.