Dead Rising 2 on 360 might be an exclusive experience

Gamezine: The Xbox 360 version of Dead Rising 2 might be extra special.

Capcom recently announced Dead Rising 2 for three platforms: the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. The first entrance in the series was very much seen as an Xbox 360 exclusive, with the PlayStation 3 missing out due to Sony not releasing their console in time.

With the sequel, developed by Capcom in partnership with Canadian developer Blue Caste Games, being multi-platform, it was thought things were all square.

However, the game's producer (or Capcom legend) Keiji Inafune has revealed that the Xbox 360 version might be a little different to the others.

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shadowghost7523558d ago

i dont care if the 360 version gets exclusive content at least i am getting the opportunity to play the game on ps3

HowarthsNJ3558d ago

"Please expect new Dead Rising and Lost Planet titles. While they will be on multiple platforms, we are thinking about having the 360 version play out differently," he said.

IMO anyway.

Ghoul3558d ago

"Dead Rising 2 on 360 might be an exclusive experience"

HORRIBLE headline. Deadrising 2 is a multiplattform game and no dlc eclusive r not will change the expereience people will have with DR2, DLC is a extra not a must

jahcure3558d ago

So now MS is investing in "exclusive experiences" HAHAHAHAHA

So i guess eternal sonata on ps3 was an 'exclusive experience' and was newsworthy...hey throw in unreal tournament while u at it.

Horrible headline

thats_just_prime3558d ago

Ghoul where did it say anything about DCL. Oh and MS doesnt need to pay Capcom jack they do it just to screw over sony for the hell of it. Capcom has alway hated sony and they always will

Lifendz3558d ago

when PS3 gets an added bonus ala Resident Evil 5's blu-ray movie disc, 360 guys say they don't care about that stuff.

But when Dead Rising gets it, all of a sudden this type of stuff is great and shows how much better devs like 360?

techie3558d ago

Title makes sense. It sounds like it might be a different story, as they're doing "something different" with it, rather than exclusive content.

Eiffel3558d ago

If we all remember Lost Planet went multiplatform way back and then shortly after capcom released a windows and xbox exclusive known as Lost Planet Colonies. My idea is that the 360 verison will have more content and more gameplay capabilities than the PS3 verison.

ThanatosDMC3558d ago

I wonder if the PC version would be superior to the consoles? If it is, i hope it comes out on steam and i hope some people can churn out funny mods for it.

IaMs123558d ago

Thats a movie... that is different. From what i sounds it will be added gameplay to it, thats what i got out of it. Would you rather have a blu-ray movie or more gameplay stuff? Who said it was DLC, they never said that so dont assume (But later i bet there will be). Depends how you look at it. But as it seems that the 360 version may have different zombies maybe more weapons? Co-op perhaps!? who knows at the point, it maybe stupid anyways, so your argument may hold up.

I would love to see Co-Op, i never played first one so im not sure if that had it...

Joey Greco RULES3558d ago

its true. thats a movie. cant play that, can we?
or maybe you can COUGH*MGS4*COUGH..

No Way3558d ago

The first Dead Rising did not have Co-Op..

Danja3558d ago

as long as im getting to play it on my PS3 thats all that matters...maybe they'll get an alternate story path that leads to a different ending or w/e...doesn't matter

as long as they dont shaft PS3 owners im good

jessupj3558d ago

I know some of you sony fans are just grateful it's coming to our platform, but not me. Call me a butt hurt fanboy, but this favouritism is very aggrivating and honestly it's uncalled for on capcoms part. And we don't have a single hint of info about ms paying capcom off so it can be assumed capcom is just kicking dirt on ps3 owners for the hell of it.

I would much rather capcom just make this game exclusive to the 360. Imo these guys are going the way of valve and bethesda and can be another added to the list of developers I only buy second hand titles of.

And before you call me a crying fanboy, please tell me how capcoms behaviour is fair or just? And don't give me that 'it's just business' crap, because it is not good business to exclude and piss off a large chuck of your potential buyers.

Voiceofreason3558d ago

@ Jessup,

Where have you been? It's been this way for as long as gaming has existed. Not every platform gets every game. Publishers have always followed the money. Now that the money is no longer on PS, they do what they normally do. No reason to be upset about it.

You say it isnt good business to ignore their fans, well Sony fan in general are not buying games. Do you expect them to pour out a lot of money on a PS3 version that will likely sale poorly? The system has the smallest install base and that means less sales.They obviously feel they have more fans on the 360 and wish to cater to them.

Danja3558d ago

PS3 - 1.3 mill
360 - 1.2 mill

PS3 - 5 MILL
360 - 6+ mill

PS3 - 2.7 MILL
360 - 4+ MILL

with a 7 mill user base difference..the PS3 figures are surprisingly close top those of the 360..

Product3558d ago

you named off some good games but what about great games such as Mirrors Edge,Bioshock,Dead Space,PoP,Motorstorm 2:PR,etc.............all great games with very low sales.Even Fallout 3 isnt doing that great on ps3.

How do you explain those sales and the low software sales reported every month by NPD?

Fact is the numbers are low and no matter what the reason is doesnt dismiss the fact that it happens often unfortunately

Danja3558d ago

Do you really think America is the entire world why Bring up NPD in this..everyone knows PS3 sells more software in Europe and Japan , where as 360 sells more in America..

Dead Space hasn't even sold 1 million on the 360 yet either
it has sold over 500k on each platform]

Bioshock is a year old port...same thing happened with Lost Planet ppl dont care about a year old game when u have new games out at the same time

Sony has stated about 2 months ago that Motorstorm 2 had sold over 1 million and continues to do 50k weekly..

Mirrors Edge has sold over 500k on each platform also..stop acting like the the 360 version did huge figures over the PS3 version

PoP - didn't put up huge figures on neither consoles but it has sold over 700k on the PS3..a lil more on the 360

and Fallout 3 has sold over 1 million..

once again..America isn't the world...

Product3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

i wasnt saying america was the world......i just brought up NPD since those are sales we can trust and go by and since they dont include europe in sales there is no other data medium i could have used to make a true point that was believable...i mean i could have brought up Vgchartz lol.

Thing is those titles havent sold on ps3 that well......compared to 360 but the fact is the ps3 isnt selling that well software wise when it comes to westernized titles such as the ones i gave as examples.They are however doing well for their price,and hardware sales but if they were doing that well companies wouldnt be going multiplat that were exclusives last gen and the gen before.

Yes the ps3 does alittle better in areas other then america eg.europe,etc. but like i said sales figures are so sketch as is that i only gave NPD as an example because everyone on here trust them.

BTW "stop acting like the the 360 version did huge figures over the PS3 version"
i wasnt acting i was stating that the xbox version did better in sales which it did.Even EA at Dice said that game wasnt marketed correctly for sales to be worthwhile and thats on both consoles.

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Cajun Chicken3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

I bet you get to play as Frank in the first one.

EDIT: Probably with all his PP you earned in the first.

Saying that. Dead Rising PSN rumour?

shadowghost7523558d ago

i remember that too, i hope it becomes a reality, i would buy that although i hope it comes soon though

jackdoe3558d ago

Obviously with a Dead Rising 1 save game file.

DelbertGrady3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

Maybe the 360 version will have some connection to Dead Rising 1? Like stats or achievements from the first one that affect the sequel.

MiloGarret3558d ago

Wow, someone actually making sense and not simply bïtching about fanboy wars?

Just... Just let me enjoy this moment.

Solbadguy3558d ago

gets exclusive content and has no online play I will probably get it for that. I'll get PC or PS3 versions if this game does in fact have online multiplayer.

outlawlife3558d ago

that comment probably makes the least sense out of any i've seen

callahan093558d ago

Why? Maybe he has friends with PS3's more so than friends with 360's. He'd want to play online with them. Maybe he doesn't pay for Xbox Live but he would have a PSN account because it's free.

Simon_Brezhnev3558d ago

either way capcom full of it a lot of franchises they started on playstation and ps3 not getting exclusive content on them games

Cajun Chicken3558d ago

Personally, I think it'll be all balanced out if we're rumoured to get Dead Rising 1 on PSN.

Kushan3558d ago

What makes you so sure they're only giving the 360 version special treatment because the franchise started there?
As people have already stated, it's possible they'll let you load data from your original Dead Rising savegame to affect DR2. It could be something really cool, like having all your stats transfer over, or it could just be some of the pictures you took appearing in newspapers in the game or something small (yet still pretty cool) like that.

If I had to guess, the latter would be my idea - he WAS a reporter, after all.