Atlantica Online Gets Huge Update

Ndoors's MMO, Atlantica Online, has received a major update today, introducing two new classes to the game, new dungeons, extra character customisation and more.

The additions include the Musician and Maniac as new classes, new mercenaries and new hairstyles.

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Maticus3582d ago

Lol, a powersaw in an MMO, excellent :)

Leord3582d ago

They had one in Hellgate: London, but I guess it's not really an MMO...

kalos3582d ago

That hat is just too amusing for the picture. Can't stop laughing at it.

Leord3582d ago

Come on, it's a nice hat!

Maticus3582d ago

Yeah, it's hard to place the time period of this game for someone who doesn't know much about it.

Leord3582d ago

Is this one you pay for or not. I didn't get it 100%...

AndyA3582d ago

Musician sounds interesting.

Medievaldragon3582d ago

Interesting classes. Never seen a musician class. That reminds me to the World of Warcraft april's fool class: The bard -- which looked like Guitar Hero.

The maniac class doesn't make sense though.

Leord3582d ago

The fact that they even have a maniac class is insane ;)

Dorjan3582d ago

Most mmo's have an entertainer class of some description!

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