Starcraft 2 Q&A Batch 49: New screenshots and Concept Art

Blizzard Entertainment revealed the new polished Zerg models in preparation to closed beta. Lot of new info about the Protoss Dark Pylons, Photon Charge, Terran Mules and the new Terran Orbital Command and the Zerg Queen abilities.

The bomb on this new update is a set of three screenshots: 15 tumor larvaes in a single Hive Cluster spawns 15 Mutalisks. Overkill.

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Leord3589d ago

Oh, I SO love the new Terran Mules

Cogo3589d ago

I'm not so sure. Are they replacing the old gas mechanic with this? I didn't like the gas mechanic, but I'm not too sure about the mules either...

AndyA3589d ago

Looking more polished. Nice screens.

Leord3589d ago

The Zerg are getting the same treatment that the Terrans got. The only one I'm not thrilled over is the Overseer. I kind of liked the old one...

Cogo3589d ago

Yeah, but instead of "grit" they just get more polygons and better textures. They got to be using shaders more now, surely...

Fyzzu3589d ago

Some gooorgeous shots, there.

Maticus3589d ago

Good info, not long now ^ ^

Medievaldragon3589d ago

The new models are awesome. Nice touch to showing before and after. The polishing crunch mode seems to indicate they are getting ready for beta.

Leord3589d ago

I just adore the new Hydralisk model!

Cogo3589d ago

Hydralisk is indeed cool, but the Overlord is a lot better as well. Instead of gas sacks that seems like they are popping out, it's now part of the whole structure. Very nicely done!

I hope both models will be available in the map editor!

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