X-Blades Ayumi gets sexy real life makeover

To celebrate the launch of X-Blades in the UK tomorrow, SouthPeak Games has brought the game's leading character Ayumi to life with some rather cheeky images featuring the real life UK model Jodie Dart

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Yi-Long3221d ago

... I love the design and colouring of the Ayumi artwork, but the real-life version is far below-par, and the bad photoshop skills don't help much either.

Just a blonde bimbo, role-playing for attention.

Fishy Fingers3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

"Just a blonde bimbo, role-playing for attention."

Not really, just a glmour model doing her job. If I could earn similar money for taking my top off I would. Pretty chessy though.

Sangria3221d ago

You can put whoever babe, the game will still be lame.

xabmol3221d ago

But not good ether... >.>

NaiNaiNai3221d ago

yet a gain another crappy cosplay. T_T just like the mirrors edge, she doesn't even look asian, how the &#%$ are you going to cosplay a character like that and not look asain?

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The story is too old to be commented.