Capcom to unveil new Xbox 360 title

Capcom sent out notice today about an upcoming Xbox 360 game announcement. 360 owners will be able to connect to Xbox Live Marketplace on the night of the 23rd to download first footage of a new game. Details were not provided.

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Omega43468d ago

Strange, didnt think Capcom made exclusives anymore

GrieverSoul3468d ago

They didnt say it was exclusive.
They said Xbox game on the Xbox market place.
It wouldnt be good PR to publicize a PS3 and X360 game on the xbox marketplace. I mean, FFXIII trailer on the PSN doesnt say exclusive on PS3 but it also doesnt mention X360. And we all know it multi platform.

Omega43468d ago

Well why not reveal on PSN aswell then?

The fact that they said "360 title" on the XBLM kinda seems like its either exclusive or at least a timed exclusive

La Chance3468d ago

mind seeing lost planet 2.

gaffyh3467d ago

It's probably Lost Planet 2. But whatever the game is it's probably Multi-platform, personally I would like to see a new Onimusha.

Marquis_de_Sade3467d ago

Exclusive DLC =/= a game, okay Capcom?

Richdad3467d ago

I want Onimusha from Capcom I have played the whole series and I want more of it.

ThanatosDMC3467d ago

Lost Planet 2 would be great. Dont care for which console, im buying it. Loved the first... hated the ending. ZOE rip off and you cant actually control the mech as much as you wanted.

GameGambits3467d ago

Lost Planet 2
Megaman Game
Breath of Fire
Devil May Cry 5?

Out of all those, the idea of a new Breath of Fire would make my brain explode with win. The world is lacking solid RPGs on all this generations console's that aren't handheld and a new Breath of Fire game would make me go giddy.

Hiruma Youchi3467d ago

Megaman Game
Breath of Fire
Devil May Cry 5

those games wouldnt make sense to be Xbox360 exclusive. but they might see day light in the future tho.

im thinking of maybe Lost Planet 2 or some other new Ip maybe. that will probably go to Ps3 later on. Its always like that. E.G Lost planet1 and Dead rising.

Freak of Nature3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

Yes Lost planet 2 would be a nice announcement.Resident evil 5,Bionic commando,Dead rising 2,and Dark void....They have some great Multi-plats coming...

The #1 pick for me would be "Ghouls and Ghosts",an act/adv platformer...On both systems,I like having choice,but do admit exclusives do have their advantages on either system...

Consoldtobots3467d ago

I sure hope its exclusive cause I need SOMETHING to buy for my 360.

pumpkinpunker3467d ago

Capcom has several exclusives already on the Wii and they've already complained about how expensive it is to develop for the PS3.

pain777pas3467d ago

Wow, looking forward to see what this is!

Bloodwar3467d ago

You read right. Steel Battalion 2. Damn, that would PWN. I have the first one and the online sequal and man, bad story, but awsome mech pwnage.

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gears223468d ago

What happened to "All our games will be multiplatform" ?

Sorry,ps3 owners.

pwnsause3468d ago

this title is not announced as an Xbox 360 exclusive yet. why dont you hold your horses till the 23rd. you don't want to be the laughing stock of this site do you?

Foxgod3468d ago

well, if it wasnt exclusive the footage would be on psn too.

PirateThom3468d ago

How do you know it won't be?

Wouldn't be the first time Capcom had put something on Marketplace before PSN (such as the RE5 demo).

Foxgod3468d ago

YEah, but in those cases they announced it would be on both live and psn.

jessupj3468d ago

Well if they ignore ps3 owners this much they prob won't be getting my money. All the complaints about the res5 controls have put me off buying it. After all the dead space goodness I've recieved I rekon I've been to spoilt to properly enjoy res5.

Kushan3468d ago

It does not mention exclusivity anywhere. It's far too early to tell either way, but in all likliness, it's a multi-platform title that just happens to be getting announced on Live's marketplace first. Perhaps Microsoft has a deal where early trailers and stuff are free for them to put up, I don't know, but either way I'd wait until more information before jumping to any conclusions.

jammy_703467d ago

nothing to be sorry about because i really dont care.....

Eiffel3467d ago

jammy_70, you cared enough to reply.

jammy_703467d ago

yeahh....... but ...... ermmmmmm.... (runs away)

Consoldtobots3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

Its people like you that need to be squashed like a bug by the ban-hammer. I don't really think PS3 owners are worried about what the 360 is getting. They already have enough good games.

N4360G3467d ago

LOL it's probably Lost Planet 2 anyways so who cares? We have better games to play this year!!

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Foxgod3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

Hopefully its Breath of fire 6 =)
If the 360 gets another exclusive high profile rpg the dam will surely break in Japan.

Agriel3468d ago

its not breath of fire 6, capcom already said they have no plans for any RPG's because they dont sell well out side of Japan.

Kushan3468d ago

I'd setting for an XBLA for Breath of Fire 3. It's one of my favourite RPGs ever.

Obama3467d ago

I find bof4 better than 3 actually with a better story. Anyways, I doubt capcom would make a jrpg for 360 unless MS pays them too. They just don't sell on the 360.

Tony P3467d ago

BoFIV over III? Never heard that one. *shock*

whatis3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

Definitely agree! BOF4 is one of my top 8 RPGs. I recently re-bought a copy (quite expensive nowadays) because my old one was scratched.

I wouldn't even rate BOF3 in my top 12 actually.

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enviable273468d ago

My bets are Dead rising 2

Foxgod3468d ago

hehe, that would make a lot of fanboys angry.

Fishy Fingers3468d ago

Dead Rising 2 is already confirmed and multiplatform.

streety519a3468d ago

If its a 3D Ghouls and Ghosts or a live arcade release of the original I will literally be sick on myself with joy.