Street Fighter 4 Has Officially Been Out For Almost A Day. Capcom Already Talking About DLC Characters And Championship Edition.

Steven "Genfuyung" writes:

"About a week ago Capcom was pretty steadfast in the notion of not screwing their customers. There wouldn't be any DLC characters they said. That would make for an unbalanced game and could give an unfair advantage to the players willing to bend over the furthest to pay for new characters. Now, with Street Fighter having been out for almost a day, Capcom is mentioning the possibility of adding fighters like T. Hawk and Deejay to the lineup through DLC."

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Foxgod3506d ago

I find most of the alternate costumes to look stupid, The males in the game are wearing less and the females are getting more dressed, not really the way i prefer it.

Also instead of D-jay and T-Hawk i want to see some final fight characters, Like Maki and Haggar.

Maki would be a nice rival for Cammy, and Haggar would be a nice rival for Zangief.

Doppy3506d ago

They need to add more new characters. I think it's time for SF to evolve, with a new roster of fighters. They should have a Ryu Jr., Ken Jr., and pseudo characters for the fan favorites.

pain777pas3505d ago

Don't omit anyone the more the merrier. I like the gameplay in this game its like the Best SF game. If you don't think so you probably will after a few weeks. Bring on Thawk, Dj, Maki, Eagle, Haggar, RMika for goodness sake just keep on adding characters and keep this phenomenal template fresh. Remix the opening song too its starts out too good to have that singing after it the rest just leave as is. You're the best Capcom.

farhsa20083506d ago

Please stop milking customers capcom and the rest of you devs

hotrider123506d ago

CAPCOM going to keep milking people til they wake up and realize DLC is not acceptable. until then that COW is full of DLC milk.

ceedubya93506d ago

characters and update the current game than release a Championship Edition version of the game with a few new characters for 60 bucks.

-GametimeUK-3506d ago

Capcom make great games but if there is one thing you should understand its that you can NOT trust them... Capcom are blatant liars and I dont trust a word anyone who works there says... I just play the games...

GamerPS3603506d ago

This DLC crap needs to stop. This is getting ridiculous. Its worse than MS charging to play online.

I am looking at KZ2 too.

I can understand GTA IV DLC but other than that, pay 10 bucks for 3-4 maps. I don't care how much they charge for costume and all but MAP PACK should be free 'coz it literally divides player numbers.

Yi-Long3506d ago

... you just pushed me another step further towards just modding my console.

I'm so sick and tired of all this nickel-and-dime DLC-scamming the customers.

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The story is too old to be commented.