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Susan Taylor of has written an article on the different types of girl gamers that can be found online. "I may receive a lot of heat for what I am about to post here, but I am a big enough girl now to be able to deal with it and I hope that the people who read this are mature enough to see where I am coming from with this post."

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nix3534d ago

i sometime log in to Home. i've so far met 2 women. one was 23 yr old, other was 40 plus. i talked with them for 1 hr. they were nice. but most of the 'women' there are all cross-dressers. so beware.

HDgamer3534d ago

Listed in this order
1. G.I.R.L.(Guy in real life/Cross dresser)
2. Ugly girl
3. Hot girl
4. Crazy girl
5. Older/married
6. Not interested.

JustSkylarkin3533d ago

...You could say exactly the same about male gamers too though =/

Goon 1873533d ago

Their are some sexy gamerchicks on xbl but their are alot of butt ugly chicks on there.

I swear I saw mcdonald's number one customer on xbl.