GameSpy: Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II Review

GameSpy writes: "Purity is overrated. The idea that any particular "genre" must fit into a defined set of characteristics to the point where deviating from them is heresy is just ridiculous. Every so-called "genre" was at one time a radical experiment and there isn't a game designer in the world that can't learn something by going outside of their narrow niche. The developers at Relic Entertainment get that. Exhibit A is Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II, a sequel that might just as easily have been a carbon copy of the original game with a few of the innovations from Company of Heroes thrown in. Instead what we got was a crazy mutt of an RTS with more than a few pieces of RPG DNA sprinkled in. The result, while not a completely successful hybrid, is nonetheless a delightful departure for the genre that deserves big kudos merely for getting in the face of hidebound RTS fans whose notions of "purity" would put the Emperor's Inquisitors to shame."

+Awesome multiplayer
+Enjoyable single-player campaign with solid RPG elements
+Lots of strategic variety
+Random loot is fun

-Loses some of the flavor of the IP
-Single-player can get repetitive
-Multiplayer is micromanagement-intense

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