GI.Biz Interview: The Beautiful Game

GI.Biz writes: "Jenova Chen is on a crusade to mature videogames, but he is not cribbing from The Sopranos. The creative director of thatgamecompany - the indie game studio incubated within Sony Santa Monica - wants to expand the popular definition of videogame by infusing games with emotionally and intellectually charged content.

Last week thatgamecompany unleashed its first assault on our emotions with the PlayStation Network game Flower. In the aftermath of launch, Chen discusses why the games industry needs to expand its emotional range, the rise of independent developers, and why he doesn't want to create big budget blockbuster."

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coolfool3558d ago

I have just downloaded Flower but I have only had time for a quick go so I can't talk about the game.

However, I like what this guy is trying to do. I completely agree that the game devs are just "playing it safe" and just creating games to appeal to our more primal feelings. I wouldn't mind having my other emotional chords plucked every now and then.

We all know the game he is referring to with the female character death. I cried at that scene as well. It was all so well directed for a game; from the chosen to dialogue to the introduction of the music.