Edge: Valve: Are Games Too Expensive?

Edge writes: "That is the message Valve Software President Gabe Newell gave the assembled developers at the annual DICE Summit on Wednesday. While the topic of his keynote was the game industry's transition from retail industry to service industry, he revealed sales data from Steam that suggests games are too expensive."

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outlawlife3559d ago

short answer yes

some of the games getting pushed to us lately are hardly worth half what they cost, the $60 is too much i think $50 was perfect last gen but now it seems i weigh whether something is worth the cash a lot more now than i did before

if it is a game that will last a long time, one that i will play for months i have no problem but games that are 4-5 hours long with no multiplayer or reason to go back it is just too much

lelo3559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

Since they put Steam sales in Euros, instead of dollars, i hardly bought any game from Steam. Make the dam games cheaper Valve. 50€ for a PC game is expensive, i can get SF4 PS3/X360 version from amazon UK for 35€ with transportation. Killzone 2 for less then 40€.

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II is 50€ in Steam. I can get it from amazon UK for about 30-32€ with transportation.

"In fact, it dramatically increased sales. Illustrating his point, Newell showed the results of a Left 4 Dead promotion Valve ran last weekend, which cut the price of the game in half to $25. The discount (and promise of new content for the game) rocketed sales of the game on Steam by 3,000 percent. "We sold more in revenue this last weekend than we did when we launched the product," says Newell"

I think this says everything.

Dipso3559d ago

I think the true burning question for Gabe Newell is.."Are pork products too cheap?"
Jeebuz the state of him, I hope he manages to get another Half-Life completed before he wobbles off this mortal coil.

Bumpmapping3558d ago

Gabe The Hut is right, thats why i download all his games for free :)

Droid Control3558d ago

and more developers would be able to take risks...

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