Brett Ratner Abandons "God of War"

WorstPreviews writes: "Back in October, director Brett Ratner (Rush Hour, X-Men 3) revealed that one of the projects he is working on is a big screen adaptation of "God of War." Fan response to the news was not positive, which is why you'll be happy to hear that Ratner is no longer pursuing the film.

According to Production Weekly: "Over at Universal it looks like Brett Ratner has shelved 'God Of War,' and is moving forward on 'Trump Heist' with Eddie Murphy and Chris Tucker."

"Trump Heist" is a film about a group of employees who rob the rich residents of Manhattan's Trump Tower."

Yes, apparently there is a God.

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Dipso3562d ago

WOOOOHOOOO!!! Absolutely delighted, the guy is a hack and could only have made a royal balls up of a movie.

Eddie Murphy and Chris Tucker..ooh that has quality stamped all over it. ;-)

Black Maverick3562d ago

"Trump Heist" is a film about a group of employees who rob the rich residents of Manhattan's Trump Tower."


I'd be ashamed to even be apart of that crap.

yeswecan843562d ago

They should make the movie in the style of 300.

gaffyh3562d ago

I agree, but not as corny/cheesy

TenSteps3562d ago

so that the original voice actor could voice Kratos. Am I the only one thinking of this? I hope not.

Karum3562d ago

I think Kratos' voice is HUGE part of the character and the game.

For anyone familiar with GoW it's instantly recognisable and us fans of the game identify with it as being Kratos.

Anything that sounds different just wouldn't be the same.

But then you never know we could be surprised and something similar yet different could work. I mean I know I never expected Matt Damon to be good in an action movie but I loved the Bourne series lol.

doctorstrange3562d ago

i hope someone good takes over and its not scrapped completely

Cajun Chicken3562d ago

Needs to be CG. Since that GoWIII trailer got released, I just can't imagine it with real actors, also, we need the voice of Kratos.

Basically, the only person that could play Kratos in a God of War film, is Kratos.

TenSteps3562d ago

it is hard to imagine other people play Kratos and give him a different voice.

Silly Mammo3562d ago

Now if they only could have gotten McG to quit the new Terminator movie...ah well

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The story is too old to be commented.