Sony Japan Looking For "New Game Hardware" Testers

Kotaku writes: "A job listing has appeared on the Sony Computer Entertainment website, looking for individuals to test "new model game hardware."

The Sony job listing says, "Experience an in-development game console (hardware) early!"

Job duties include checking on, reporting on and giving input for a in-development game hardware. The listing's Q&A reads: "This is specifically for a new model and unannounced game hardware for PS3, PS2, PSP and its peripherals." Note: In the original Japanese text, Sony separates those hardware platforms with commas only (there's not an "and), making it somewhat vague whether this is new hardware for each or all three."

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Kain813585d ago

that mentioned


maybe its the psp2

NickyFinn3585d ago

if anything at all id put money on the psp2..