New technology aims to make games more realistic for players

Video game players can hook a golf ball or lay down a baseball bunt with new technology developed by a California-based company. Sixense Entertainment aims to make gaming more realistic with its video game controller that uses motion-control technology. "The character on the screen is based on your motion,"

Sixense CEO Amir Rubin said from Silicon Valley's Los Gatos. What a player does with the controller is what the racket, bat or golf club does on the screen, Rubin said, adding that the technology, called TrueMotion, can also be used in non-sports games.

Rubin hopes the technology will top the experience of Nintendo's Wii, which has helped popularize gaming with its wireless controller. Sixense plans to have its system available for use with PC games by the end of this year and later with the Wii, Sony PlayStation and Microsoft XBox video game consoles.

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