Nintendo DSi hits Europe on April 2nd, priced £149.99

The next generation of the Nintendo DS, the upgraded DSi device, will hit the UK and Europe on April 3rd.

Arriving days before the release of the handheld in the US - which was confirmed yesterday for April 5th - the machine will be priced £149.99 in the UK.


Headline should read April 3rd, not 2nd...

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Cyberwaste3584d ago

More expensive than the PSP. The PSP retails at £129.99 in the uk.

Liamabob3584d ago

..or 'Slim and Lite'
The PSP 3000 usually retails at £149.99 i believe.

SpoonyRedMage3584d ago

The DSi's actually got about double the power(or something mad like that, which means me may get exclusive DSi games in the future that are bigger and better) of the DS and all the extra features(MP3 player, two camera, photo editor, downloadable firmware, downloadable games and apps) it's also much better built with better sound and screens. It's a bit steep but not unreasonable.

KrazyFace3584d ago

Still not sure if I want one of these, I'm sure the support for it will be alright but given the speed Nintendo update the Wii (with Wii ware & retro titles) I'm not sure it's worth buying as soon as it hits the shops.

jay23584d ago

F you nintendo, I wanted blue. I will be inporting the blue one now we get boring black and white.