Eurogamer Hands-On: Unreal Tournament 3: Titan Pack

Eurogamer: "Until today, very little was known about the first major expansion pack for Unreal Tournament 3. So put on your tinted infogoggles, or prepare to be lightly fact-dazzled. It's free. It's a 800MB-1GB download. It's due for a simultaneous release on 5th March, for PS3 and PC. The PS3 version will introduce the split-screen action that literally dozens of Xbox 360 owners enjoyed, and a new mod-browser for PS3 will pipe-feed users with a convenient barrage of Epic-approved tweaks and mods that have been a fundamental part of the game's history for nearly twenty years.

Previously, PS3 owners had to fanny about with Flash drives; now it's all installed directly to HD, after which the new content - whether it's maps, gametypes, characters or mutators - will appear in the relevant menu."

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Omegasyde3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

Epic is working with the PS3 again?

All of Hell has froze over.. again. And its free wow.

If they release this I will buy it, because the mods were great but installing them and finding people with the same mods took all the fun out of it.

P.S. This game is 20$ at more retailers in US. Quite honestly, this patch? Dlc could make UT3 the best online FPS. Just look at some of the mods @

pwnsause3560d ago

no trophies or in-game custom music=fail.

Omegasyde3560d ago

There are over 100 mods for the game which are free.

In game music in a shooter, takes away the expirience and oh well no trophies. Look at the bigger picture.

thor3560d ago

Look at the even bigger picture -


There are many, many games which have just been left to die online. UT3 is one of them.

N4Sony3560d ago

Who the hell plays this game still?

Omegasyde3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

I admit no one plays this anymore, and these features should of been implemented at launch...the Single player story also sucked.

These features really make the game worth a 2nd look, atleast I can play Split screen with a friend against Master Chief Bots

However this game will get Killzowned until someone makes a Killzone 2 co-op mod for UT3:)

Godmars2903559d ago

Well, for UT3 at least, its suppose to be very easy to translate PC game code to the PS3. Which is how thy built it.

Which should make you wonder.

Insomnia_843559d ago (Edited 3559d ago )

"no trophies or in-game custom music=fail."

Don't you want to hear that..


"Look at the even bigger picture -

Some people still play it, I'm one of those, but they chose a wrong time to release this patch with Killzone2 just 7 days away!

UT3 is a very fun game, one of the few games I've kept, I found more fun in UT3 than GTA4 which I sold the week after I bought it. Now with Split Screen this is a must have at home to play with your buds.

princejb1343559d ago

why are people complaining is free

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Omegasyde3560d ago

The Titan Pack also rewards you for your successes in game, with 57 awards that can be attained as Steam Achievements for PC and Trophies for PlayStation 3.

pwnsause3560d ago

thanks for telling me. I might get the game again.

Mindboggle3560d ago (Edited 3560d ago )

This is there trophies or not?

This really is brilliant such a shame not many people have it..I saw this game for £15 it!

Add PSN: Chas19 if you wanna play ut3 when the patch comes out.

Grannyvukka3560d ago

I love the game and would play it more if they would do something about the attrocious amount of lag the ps3 version has. Resistance 2 has 60 player lag free games, so this with 16 has no excuse.

Omegasyde3560d ago

The lag was fixed a while back (a few months ago), I know what you mean however when I bought this game it was lagging like it was going out of style.

The irony of lag was that there was a gun in the game that you can warp from point A to B, in which if used while lagging had people apear in the middle of the map very confused.

Fishy Fingers3559d ago

Search for your server and select one with a low ping/latency. If you do that you shouldnt get any lag. Lag is your connection to the server/host, it's not the games fault.

Nathaniel_Drake3559d ago

Just choose the servers with low ping and you will avoid annoying lag almost everytime

achira3560d ago

wow, awesome. i play this game very often. splitscreen is nice! cant wait for it!

Godmars2903559d ago

Offer it at retail plus the pack for $20.

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