Unreal Tournament III Gets FREE DLC

Midway announces brand new bonus content set to hit Unreal Tournament III and listed as the best price ever, free!

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Asurastrike3556d ago

Does anyone even play this game?

Omegasyde3556d ago

I am going back to it, I popped it in the other week and only a handful were playing.

Great game now that the servers don't lag (fixed a short while ago) and now it comes with split screen + mod browsing....

Mindboggle3556d ago

Trophies ! I sure will now. I love this game.

Bnet3433556d ago

UT 2k4 > UT III

but free is good

barom3556d ago

any cool mods out apart from the 3rd person view?

killax35633556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )


UT3 is kind of sparse online but UT3 is a great, great game. And its only $20.

IMO, UT3 is one of the most under-rated and underappreciated games on the ps3 and probably this generation.

EDIT: some posts below me say the patch is including split screen offline multiplayer support.....where does it say that in the article? Please point it out, thank you.

rroded3556d ago

still easy to find a game on psn tho n this should bring a lot more of the hardcore players back tho w kz2 out soon...

[email protected]3556d ago

I'm back to the game...

Hmmmmmmm, UT3 trophiesss arrrrrrrrggggghhhhhhh *drools*

Hope for retroactive trophies ^^

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Omegasyde3556d ago

I know everyone will be playing Killzone 2, however UT3 is 20$ at most USA retailers. I don't know any other game in which lets you shoot master Chief while playing as Cloud Strife. Or fraggin MArcus Fenix as Samus. The in game mod browser is going to change this game for better. No more chores to get mods, and everyone can look at them now without have going on the internet on a PC and get a flash drive.

Any PS3 user whom is a FPS fan would be foolish to pass up this game now. Especially at the discount price its at.

Talk about Fan service, Great Job Epic. This is huge.
Tons of Free mods:

stickskills3556d ago

I honestly don't think I could sum that up any better, great paragraph!

Chapulin3556d ago

great mods plus split screen. I just hope Killzone 2 will get some of the same support.

LeonSKennedy4Life3556d ago

It's 12.99 at Gamestop right now.

killax35633556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

where in the article does the patch say it will include split screen support?

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HDgamer3556d ago

The ps3 mods were ok, the user created content was really good. I did trade my copy back in late 08, I may pick it up soon after I buy the pc version and the ps3 version for making mods, skins and stuff.

peeps3556d ago

was a great game but seemed like particulary on ps3, there wern't many ppl online even at it's peak (me and most of my clan got into the top 10 :D) - think because it was a change of pace compared to other games out there such as cod4 which most ppl didn't like - especially having to get used to using analogues on such a fast game.

Would be surprised if ppl still play this tho. last time i went on i just played offline instagib with insane bots - stupidly gd on this game lol

LeonSKennedy4Life3556d ago

I always find people to play with on the PS3 version. I have the PC version also. I love them both! I play the PC version more though...

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