TeamXbox Race Pro Review

RACE Pro is one of those titles that comes along every now and then that will end up having a wild variance in what consumers think of it. Those that have transferred over from the PC world and intimately know some of the hardcore racers from that platform will love RACE Pro; all the fun without needing a super-CPU. On the other hand, console stalwarts used to the high quality of hybrid sims such as Forza and GRID will most likely feel that RACE Pro leaves a lot on the starting line, and doesn't accelerate forward fast enough.

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DelbertGrady3585d ago

B-B-Biased? It's teh TeamXbox! lol!

Race Pro seems to be a game you either love or hate.

WIIIS13585d ago

As a game, Race Pro is clearly not everyone's cuppa tea 'cos it won't be fun unless you're a motorhead. But from the reviews, even the bad ones, there's absolutely no denying that as a realistic simulator, physics and all, the crown has finally been taken away from Forza by Race Pro. There's a new king of realistic console racing.