9.2 - Street Fighter 4 Review

It's been a long time but the game is finally here. After much ass kickery, O.G. has a review that praises the game but reminds everyone that the game has a harsh reminder when playing it.

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360degrees3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

the rumors that the ps3 Version of SF4 is inferior in its visual quality as being "sub-HD" as its being called? I believe all ps3 reviews of SF4 should take this into consideration, and deduct points accordingly if this is in fact the truth. I am not trying to bash, merely wondering as this could affect whether I purchase the ps3 or Xbox360 Video Game Console version of this game.

WIIIS13261d ago

Yup, that's what a lot of articles are verifying to be the case. Get the 360 version, and don't forget the arcade stick that just about everyone who bought this game already has.

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